My Google I/O (June 27-29th) predictions

Posted by Charbax – June 26, 2012

1. Nexus Tablet, 7" preferably with Pixel Qi LCD to merge Tablets with E-readers. Keyboard dock for Chrome productivity.

2. Android Jelly Bean launched, feature major new features and integrates Linaro code talked about in my video Linaro improvements to Android 4.0.4 performance on the Pandaboard TI OMAP4430 platform for speed optimizations. Most important feature I think is the merger of Smartphone, Tablet, Google TV Set-top-box, E-reader, Chromebook with final fully optimized Chrome on Android on ARM, full Desktop/Laptop level Chrome on ARM Android browsing.

3. Google upgrades Cloud Computing platform to support and host php/mysql web apps such as wordpress, phpbb, mediawiki, Google hosts it for free with unlimited bandwidth when AdSense is used on every page.

4. Google Entertainment System (GES) is launched. It's a layer to turn all Android HDMI/MHL devices and Set-top-boxes into full home console gaming machines that can rival Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft as home consoles. Consider Google to launch the Google Entertainment System for $49 with HDMI out only and up to $99 with a full Google TV HDMI input/output and IR blaster functionality. It's ARM Powered, it's powerful enough to replace your Desktop computer outputting a full Chrome browser on your HDTV/Monitor and using Bluetooth or RF keyboard/mice. It includes the new RF signal to manage Android@Home, thus turning your home into an intelligent connected platform. Consider it a sort of Nexus device to show how Google TV should be done, to show home Android@Home should be done, to show how Android can be used to challenge home consoles, to show how ARM Powered Chromeboxes should be done and to show how the Google Android Hub system for WiFi, White Spaces should be done.

5. Google+ launches major Recommendation/Personalization functionality. Consider the web will no longer be the same. You'll have a totally new experience of web content through a new version of Google+ that is able to provide automatic streams for you based on the items you +1. Finally, the + in Google+ is going to be making full sense. Finally the +1 button is going to be used and everyone will instantly understand the meaning of using the +1 button, it is to teach Google what you like and have Google show you better content automatically. It'll be absolutely revolutionary. A totally new way to surface quality on the web. You don't need a lot of followers, you don't need to be famous, you don't need to be viral, soon after you post quality/original content on the web it can automatically reach the deserved audience. Who circles who will make less and less sense. HD Google+ Hangouts (up to 1080p high bitrates) are added as an enterprise on-demand perhaps paid feature.

6. Google may open up Android development process after Jelly Bean. Consider it Google opening up nightly Android advancements to the rest of the world and taking in more upstream suggestions for Android improvements from the open source community in General. As part of Google's anti-fragmentation effort, Google can announce real-time collaboration in the development of future versions of Android, so new versions of Android reach more devices sooner using over-the-air upgrade systems worldwide. Expect Google to announce Android's total daily activations number to be well above 1.5 million if all Android devices are included in the count, meaning not limiting the count to Google Certified devices, but also include all Chinese devices sold not only in China, also sold in India, Brazil and worldwide. Google can announce that Android tablets daily activations also have overtaken the iPad since December 2011, again if all Android tablets are included in the count, also including the millions of non-certified Chinese Android tablets such as the $55 Android ICS tablets featured in my video: $55 AllWinner Boxchip A13 Tablet Factory Tour

7. Google Project Glass to be released before the end of the year. It's not just the Google reference hardware, it's more importantly about a software layer on top of Android optimized for Augmented Reality usages to be used hands-free using any heads-up microdisplay including the Kopin Golden-i that I filmed and that I have been using since October last year: Motorola Kopin Golden-i at CES 2012 I think it's just a layer of new APIs for Android apps to function well in a hands-free headmounted mode, using Google Voice Actions for voice-commands, using the accelerometer, compass, and all other usual sensors and thus simply providing an optimized Android Home Replacement and APIs for that. The first Google Glass compatible devices can be released from $199 to $499 before the end of this year.

8. Google's Self-driving car system should be targeted as sub-$2000 add-on that can be added to any car. Just add some sensors and cameras to the roof of your car, and insert some electronics to the driving system of your car, and it should be turned into a Google Self-driving car. Google can announce partnerships with several major car makers to include the self-driving car functionality as a sub-$2000 option to several car models, to be shipping before the end of the year.

9. $199 ARM Powered Chromebooks launched. imagine it as nice as an Ultrabook, but for $199, running a full speed Chrome OS on one of the latest ARM processors, for example TI OMAP4470, Tegra3, Exynos4412, HiSilicon K3V2, Qualcomm S4, and more. 20-hour battery life. 100% security using ARM TrustZone. Speed is way faster than Intel Atom Chromebooks, browsing speed is comparable to any $1000 Ultrabook.

What else are you expecting from Google at I/O this year?

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  • obarthelemy

    Pixel Qi should be left alone. Years of hype, never a major product, never even a test… there must be some major flaw with the product. PLus I’ve lost interest and confidence.

  • Pixel Qi shipped millions of screens, just not in mass produced consumer electronics, only in specialized use cases for now like the OLPC laptop and military and industrial tablets and laptops. It requires a big brand like Google, Amazon or Apple to come in and invest the Billion dollars or so needed to make enough Pixel Qi screens for them to be widely available in consumer electronics mass market products. They have been slowed by the economic crisis worldwide and in Taiwan and the shift away of attention from Netbooks to Tablets, where basic glossy capacitive touchscreens aren’t well suited for it. The delay of the release of ARM Powered laptops is also a factor.

  • CortexA15

    come to think about it we have not seen Mary Lou Jepsen in a while here,nice very clever lady.

     i wonder if she has any QFHD (3840×2160) in development QFHD (Quad Full High Definition), also known as 4K or 4K UHDTV, is a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

    i believe intel are backing this size screen as the next standard and if so you can keep your 4:3 and 16:10 ratio lower spec pads 🙂 

    ill take a Pixel Qi 3840×2160 bolted to an ARM Quad dual DDR device with SATA on the next iteration A9 or A15, i also hear Sharp will be going into production at some point with these at 13.5-Inch so perhaps Mary Lou can provide her tech for these QFHD sizes soon!

  • Maventwo

    Nr:1,47,8 and 9 I´m most interest in.

    But nr:8 I don´t think can be implemented in todays car because of every countries regularities in that it must be a human who drive the car.Today it is only Nevada State which have changed laws for except robot cars on public roads.

    Nr:1. Google Nexus tablet pc must be cheaper than Microsoft Surface tablet if the Nexus tablet pc shall be able to be more succesful than MS Surface tablet.

    Nr:4. About Android at home will be the start of cheap IPTV for the crowd.

    Nr:7. The rumour is that Google Glass project will be introduced on the market in the end of 2013,
    but if it will be introduced before it would of course be interesting.With Google Glass project it looks like Google have been more Apple-like in utilitarian design.

    Nr:9. ARM powered Chromebooks, it´s time to really compete with the well established x86-world
    and Intel hegemony.

  • For now, Pixel Qi has only announced the 2048×1536 9.7″ screen:×1536-better-than-ipad3-screen-with-100x-lower-power-consumption/ with as little as 100x lower power consumption vs the iPad3 screen. I hope so too that they soon can announce smartphone and larger Laptop/Ultrabook sized screens also, for example a good 13.3″ one would be nice. I don’t know if we’ll see 3840×2160 at 13.5″ sizes, I’d like to see 4K at sub-$2000 in 55″ sizes for home HDTV later this year. Sharp and Toshiba have shown some and said they are going to be released this year at “consumer prices”, Samsung and Sony also are talking 4K HDTVs, but I don’t know how expensive they are going to be.

  • Marc Guillot

    Charbax, you forgot to comment the arrival of $99 GoogleTV ARM boxes. It was about bloody time.

    I expect they also go forward full engines on ARM Chromebooks (I hate the x86 monopoly tax). 🙂

  • pug_ster

    How about the new Mediatek 6577?

  • porightscoopfan

    Charbax,  you made the Drudge Report!  Well, kind of.   They linked to the FT article with your picture. (I think)  They are showcasing the google announcement of “google glass”.

    You look good with a Beard!

  • aha excellent. I look like Google co-founder Sergey Brin?

  • Huawei is releasing the first MT6577 phone in July or something like that.

  • I’ve only been talking about it on my Google+

    I think I’ve posted over 2000 posts on my Google+ over the past year, it’s been taking some time away of me posting on my blog..

  • CortexA15

    missed it the other day and its not really up there yet but see launches Series 9 Quad HD IPS PLS monitorPublished on 27th June 2012 by Gareth Halfacree
    Samsung has officially launched its Series 9 monitors, with the first model in the family offering an impressive 2,560×1,440 resolution in a 27in diagonal. 

    Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) support. Connected to an MHL-compatible smartphone, the monitor can charge the device while simultaneously transferring high-definition video and stereo audio for playback through the monitor’s integral stereo speakers. 

    Currently the display is only available in the US through a timed-exclusive deal with retailer NewEgg, where it is priced at an eyebrow-raising $1,199 (around £767 excluding taxes.) Details of a UK release have yet to be confirmed. 

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