VIA launches $49 APC, ARM11 computer platform

Posted by Charbax – June 11, 2012

VIA shows it's 49 USD computer, it is powered by a Wondermedia WM8750 (ARM11 SoC) at 800MHz. It is distributed with Android and supports 720p playback, has 4 USB 2.0 port, one 100Mbps Ethernet port, one VGA out and one HDMI out port, and standard analog input/output audio. It is build in a Neo-ITX form factor that allows to be used on any case that support Micro-ATX, it is expected to be released at the end of June 2012.

  • Maventwo

    Even if this Via APC $49 half ITX Form Factor PC is small.

    I think, it won´t be as attractive to use as this USB-Stick Form Factor pc.

    When it is possible to make a very small Form Factor PC as a USB-Stick,
    it will be very attractive to use for many people who will be anti-Intel PC like.

    The USB-Stick Form Factor is much more innovative than half of ITX Form Factor.

  • Efcis

    According to Liliputing, VIA will charge $38 for shipping to Europe, the US, or Canada. 🙁

    Source :

  • Armie

    what a miserable salesman 😉

    its a bit of a peashooter with the SOC’s around at the moment .. by the time you add it to a miniitx case and pay your import duty/VAT (on agregate of cost plus postage)/VAT&Duty collection admin fee, i and postage in to the EU its over £100 !

    some people would prefer a pie with a cheap snap together laset cut flat pack case and a mini usb phone charger plus no vat or duty and minimnal postage (though theres a 3 month wait for a pi)

    i prefer something will a little more grunt for this money .. im waiting for a souped up Allwinner A10 device – dual core A9 SOC with 1GB mem and SATA 

  • Samuel Butts

    how can it compare to the raspberry pi when it ships with android?

    the raspberry pi is an educational/development machine, what meaningful work could you possibly do on this device?

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