Windows 8 RT on a $68 7″ VIA 8850 ARM Cortex-A9 Tablet by Eken

Posted by Charbax – June 7, 2012

Check out Windows 8 on a $68 VIA 8850 Powered 7" capacitive tablet! (just a home replacement) What is the difference in performance and potential features between an optimized Android Home Replacement and a "real" native Windows RT machine?

I think it is obviously meaningless for Microsoft to insist on making Windows 8 a separate closed/proprietary/incompatible ecosystem to Android. And it'd be even more wrong if Microsoft wants to forbid tablet and laptop makers to dual-boot Android with Windows RT.

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  • Maventwo

    It was very fast in changing between the OS in this dual boot tablet.

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  • webscape

    how much ram ? ..full spec available ?

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  • CyberGusa

    It’s not switching between OS, it’s just a home replacement on Android.  Google doesn’t even have Chrome for Windows 8/RT yet.

  • Maventwo

    But how does it work in detail?

  • CyberGusa

    Just look up “Home Screen Replacement Apps”… Think custom UI launcher…

  • Dardas

    Why do they burden these nice tablets with such a tiny battery?
    2300mAh is way too small.
    ~3 hours of runtime?

  • Pug_ster

    Windows 8 RT?  That’s a good one.

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  • fduch

    What a load of BS. This has nothing to do with Windows RT (apart from the stolen design).

  • Charbax

    This has everything to do with RT. It just shows RT is just design and should have been released as an Android home replacement a long time ago, and trying to force people into the proprietary and overpriced RT ecosystem is just stupid.

  • fduch

    >It just shows RT is just design
    This is untrue nonsense.
    Please, educate yourself before making such claims.

  • Charbax

    You educate yourself, watch many more of my Videos and learn, the only platform is Android, building proprietary incompatible closed Systems today is totally counterproductive and it s not designed by engineers but by Marketing morons and Money grabing idiots, just build Metro for Android and get on with it, get with the program.

  • Craig “Virtual Vagina” Oates

    Android is self-destructing. It’s a joy to watch it happen.

  • fduch

    This is the first time I’ve seen website moderator so crazy and ignorant =)

  • Craig “Virtual Vagina” Oates

    There’s a screw loose there someplace.