I’m being interviewed about how I started video-blogging and announcing a new feature for ARMdevices.net

Posted by Charbax – June 5, 2012

Here's a 15 minute interview of me filmed by the Novacut guys using multiple high quality DSLR camera angles (you can watch it in 1080p!). I'm showing off some of the latest gadgets that I found in Shenzhen, I talk about why and how I video-blog from all the worlds consumer electronics trade shows since 2004, and I announce my next big feature on ARMdevices.net which is a $20/year Membership system to get access to buy all the best gadgets that I find at the trade shows all over the world, sourcing directly from the factories in Shenzhen and to get access to scans or pictures of the business cards of the people/distributors/suppliers that I video-interview (great for the buyers from around the world watching my videos and interested in having the best contact informations to the companies that I film). Look forward to the $20/year ARMdevices.net Membership system to be launched here in the days to come if I can find enough time to set it up while video-blogging here at Computex until June 10th.

  • good luck charbax!!!

  • Joakim

    Count me in, I’ll sign up even though I have no interest in the business cards, just to support your efforts.  This has become one of three Youtube channels that I watch regularly, love all the great videos. 🙂 As for your worries about “journalistic integrity,” don’t worry, all the big news sites that take advertisers’ money regularly modify their content because they’re scared of pissing off advertisers.  As long as you mostly make money from subscribers, you would actually be better than Engadget or the NYT, as you would have to care more about your subscribers than about the gadget companies.  So the incentives are actually better for a subscription than the other monetization methods.  You might want to consider offering other subscriber-only services, like special interviews that you post in their entirety for subscribers, but you only post the first couple minutes for free readers.

    Also, I used this blog to research various ARM devices before I bought my Pandaboard ES last week, which I’m now attempting to use as my main desktop.  One issue is that I don’t have Flash on Ubuntu for ARM and many of your recent videos don’t load in the youtube html5 player, while this video from the Novacut channel plays fine.  Perhaps it’s a codec issue or something: they all say “This video is currently unavailable,” you might want to look into that (for example, the Chandhok video doesn’t load while the Valich one does).  You could also offer direct downloads of your videos for subscribers and use the subscription money to cover those bandwidth costs.

    Good luck gathering subscribers: I think that such subscription-funded media is the future of the internet and I’m glad to see you attempting it. 🙂 Also, please add a Preview button for your Disqus commenting widget, so I can see what my comment looks like before posting it.

  • Nam

    Good Luck!!!

  • Maventwo

    Hello world!
    What development in the world without enthusiasts!

    Of course Charbax new item of armdevices will work and make your video-blogging
    more known by technical journalists around the world.
    Armdevices will be the head source to link to.

    About the good idea of buying directly from Smartphone and tablet pc chinese makers.
    It can be a problem with EEC power regularities in europe.

    But the new USB Power Delivery standard as USB foundation is working on will soon make it
    a lot easier for Power charging via USB.

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  • Craig Hollabaugh

    Where do I send my $20 and my first order.

  • Within a couple of days I launch it hopefully.

  • Joakim

    So I thought I’d report on a long-running argument you’ve had here, whether one can use one ARM device for everything: as a smartphone, desktop, and set-top box. I’ve been using the Pandaboard ES as my only desktop for the last week, and at least for a development board like this, the answer is no. All the software I’ve tried has been buggy, unoptimized, and crashy, whether various Ubuntu builds or linaro’s Android 4 build. Only Ubuntu 11.10 had video acceleration that would let me play 1080p video and even that seemed to be dropping frames or stuttering a bit. That’s for Apple’s trailers, 720p mkv files that play fine on x86 would have decoding artifacts and lots of jitter. I think the longest I’ve gone without a crash or reboot has been 13 hours (that was Android 4) with the average more around 2 hours.

    Admittedly this is on a dev board and I don’t expect official devices that pass Android certification to be this buggy. But after using Android as a desktop UI for 3-4 days, I have to say it is unusable on the desktop, regardless of whether you get a more polished build or not. This is because the Android UI is so optimized for mobile that you would never want to use it for a desktop UI, everything from not being to keep multiple windows open simultaneously to small details like there not being a way to quickly jump back 4 pages in the history for a particular browser tab. Obviously you could do something like Ubuntu did and add a separate desktop UI for when you connect to a monitor, but nobody has really done that yet.

    I had high hopes of being able to use the Pandaboard ES or an official Android tablet as my desktop from here on out, but the software just isn’t there yet. Perhaps this board hardware is already powerful enough to fulfil all my desktop needs, but the software has a ways to go yet, both in terms of bugfixes and usability. Ubuntu is too buggy on ARM and has no business model, I don’t expect it to get anywhere. Android has no business model but with Google pouring so much money into it, works a bit better but is just not geared for desktop use.

    I should note that I’m grateful for all this free software that linaro, TI, and Google put out that let me run my pandaboard ES desktop, which I paid about $280 for, including mouse, keyboard, SD card, etc, everything except a monitor. However, I’d rather pay $100+ for an OS that actually works as a basic desktop, rather than pay nothing for all these buggy, incomplete attempts at an OS. Unfortunately, I don’t see any paid option out there (maybe I can get a dev build of QNX), so I’ll have to either push this board aside for some occasional hacking or sell it to someone else. That’s too bad, as I was really hoping I could use it as my main desktop for the next couple years.

  • Count me in also, what you are doing for the little guys, has no price, I cannot afford to go to China and if you can recommend stuff that also will be great, I sometimes past many hours in Aliexpress trying to figure what to buy for my customers and making orders just to try myself the product before ordering more !!! I thing the Mini APCs will be big this year, I just order one and try myself (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvozNRIms78&list=UUvlLJ6cGgbYOmnN4RrZQerA&index=2&feature=plcp) I will need your help in this product, I saw the factory of the ones that you encounter and don’t make me feel very comfortable :).
    The Best of lucks and I’m in !!!!

  • Charbax don’t cover the Knock Offs theirs enough cool material that you can report on, you need to tell the manufactures to open an Aliexpress Store where you can redirect us for buying, don’t get involved in the selling of the product, let the manufactures handle that, and you concentrate in what you do best inform us of the best products that you see and factories !!!

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