FXI Cotton Candy availability status interview

Posted by Charbax – May 14, 2012

boredatwork.com published this interview with FXI Tech about the status of shipments for their awesome Exynos4 powered HDMI stick product.

Something to do with FXI adding USB host to the design causing some of the delay. Hopefully they start shipping in Scandinavia this month, and to all other pre-orders during the summer. I'd like to see this form factor mass manufactured and sold for around $69 retail and not $199. See the TI OMAP4 powered Always Innovating HDMI stick alternative where it's said the BOM cost for such a platform may be as low as $30.

Source: booredatwork.com

Here's my video of the FXI Tech HDMI stick:

  • Dddd
  • where in france did he say / website url please

  • Marc Guillot

    All looks perfect, except its price.

  • Maventwo

    Hopefully it´s price will be lower soon!

  • Davy

    Something just like this has been released in China recently. Its called the ZERO Devices Z802 or it also listed as MK802. It has a Allwinner A10 cpu, 512mb ram, 4GB nand flash, android 4.0, usb and mini usb. It costs 74 USD. (
    http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/810525/211536243-563764893/New-released-Android4-0-IPTV-google-tv-smart-android-box-allwinner-A10-Model-MK802-.html) I haven’t tried it myself so I have no idea how well it works. The price is great, looking forward to some video reviews.

  • Maventwo

    Your link was moved and anyway broken.

    But same Zero Devices Z802 is on liliputing pages.
    Where the price is $74
    Zero Devices Z802 have this webpages.

  • Thanks for posting it! Did you post this comment before all the blogs reblogged about it?

  • Davy

    Yes, but it was a lucky shot, I’m not an inside man.

  • ZERO Devices Z802 available here: http://www.asiapads.com/product_info.php?products_id=2246

    It seems ZERO Devices finished stock after a big “wave of orders” , but they are making more soon. (Info from official website)

  • Maventwo

    Hopefully have FXI tech and Zero Devices started a new concept of pico ARM-based computers for Online gaming and web surfing.

    But with 3D IC forthcoming years this pico computers concept will be much more common.

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  • CyberGusa

    Charbax, the next time you get a chance to question any of those making these USB dongle devices. 

    You should ask them if they can automatically boot when plugged into the USB port of a computer and run a VM on top of the computer OS like the FXI Cotton Candy can do.

    Here’s a fairly detailed youtube video from Laptop mag on the FXI Cotton Candy that shows that they’re advancing it to a even smaller design and also demos two of them plugged into a laptop and that it support mirror mode for supporting the same display on two monitors that may support more functionality later.


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