The Shenzhen Speakers Factory

Posted by Charbax – April 23, 2012

Is this my best video yet? This is a same factory that is soon going to switch to assembling MediaTek MT6575 Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones. I hereby offer you an exclusive look inside the assembly line, see the people that build your speakers in Shenzhen China.

In the part 1 of this Shenzhen Factory Tour, I enter the Shenzhen Factory, walk around the lobby and meeting rooms before walking over to a part of the assembly line.

  • Tim

    Seems like a well run factory – it’s fairly lean and the workers all look confident in their tasks. I was a little supprised that they completely ignored the random guy with a camera.
    What I noticed was the lack of machinary and automated testing. I mean, they are going to have to retool the line, but the skills to use CAM devices or propper testing take a while to develop.
    For instance, when manufacturing speakers, you might hook them up to a signal source, use a computer to measure if the frequency response was within spec. You might burn them in a little while at the top of thier current range. These guys appeared to be checking to see if they made music, and leaving it at that. For a more complex device like a phone, I’m not sure that’s gonna work.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious, do you know what is the ballpark price of the MT6575 chipset?  Thanks.

  • I bet you have been nagging them to look into Mali-T604/T658 & SGX-543MP4 SoC, so it can drive the upcoming ‘retina’ Pixel Qi displays ? Entirely different target audience, so maybe not appropriate for this particular factory. Still, they should look into pushing out sunlight readable displays. I bet PQ can create them actually at any size.

  • I recommended the small/medium sized LCD maker featured in this video to contact Pixel Qi and investigate if they could make those Pixel Qi screens and it sounded like that small LCD manufacturer doesn’t mind producing small quantities and them making Pixel Qi screens could be a good differentiating thing for them.

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