ICS on 5″ MediaTek MT6575 Dolphin A80 phone

Posted by Charbax – April 23, 2012

I run the Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks (comparing those with my OMAP4460 Galaxy Nexus) on this 5" MT6575 Android phone that has just gotten the latest beta Android 4 ICS firmware loaded onto it in Shenzhen China. This prototype is just pre-mass production, and the ICS software for the MediaTek MT6575 is beta for testing. Mass production and full production software may be ready by the end of this month. Check back later for more news on this phone and on the performance of ICS on MT6575 devices as I expect to have this and other MT6575 samples to do reviews of the latest MediaTek ICS performance. http://www.yooe.com.cn is selling this phone for sub-$150 when bought in bulk. The MT6575 single-core ARM Cortex-A9 with ICS support is bringing quite good performance to the cheap new Android phones coming out of China.

  • Kantfredo

    waou, j’en veut un ^^

  • Ortogonal

    What about the battery ?
    It says its a 2800mA, but also says (from a previous video) it can hold 4,7mAh, wich doesnt make sense.. 3,7V * 2,8 A = 10,36mAh
    So realistically the battery is about 1300mA, is it ?

  • yugernaut

    Please tell us how to buy one of these!! I´m very interested an my friend too please!!

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