$85 Boxchip A10 10.1″ Laptop runs ICS now by Sunlike, 4000mAh for $6 more

Posted by Charbax – April 15, 2012

The ARM Powered sub-$100 Ultrabooks are coming. Put the Chrome browser for Android on this ICS Laptop, and you've pretty much got an Ultrabook-disruptor for sub-$100. They claim 5h battery life on the included 2100mAh battery, and they can nearly double that using a 4000mAh battery that can also be made to fit in this ARM Powered laptop casing. Are you interested in buying this $85 Boxchip A10 Laptop in a group buy? Let me know in the comments and I'll try to see if it's possible for them to ship out a batch of samples as a group buy.

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  • Nathaniel Mosher

    Id be interested for sure

  • Anonymous

    While I’m not too interested in this laptop, are you still considering the group buy for the $63 7″ capacitive Boxchip A10 tablet? I am interested in that tablet and it seems like quite a few others were as well!


  • count me in, but black one and 4000mAh please!

  • Mj TK

    Interested for 4000mAH one too.

  • Yup, when I am back in Europe I’ll start emailing the Shenzhen contacts I got and see if group buy on the coolest most demanded latest devices is possible.

  • Devine

    I’m interested for sure.
    Is Boxchip just an alias for Allwinner?

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  • Anonymous

    Interested in 4000mah

  • L Chiavegato78

    I’m interested to

  • N3llyboy

    Most interested in the extended battery model. What a bargain.

  • maen baker

    most of android apps wont work withowt touch or multitouch screen.

  • Devine

     IMO, the hackability of this device should be great… Screw Android – run Linux!
    Though I think the majority of Android apps do work with a mouse – or at least on the Asus Transformer they do and on the Toshiba AC100 they did.

  • AintNobody

    Definitely interested w/ Capacitive multi-touch screen.  Correction to the comments in the video, however: you called it a “convertible” – a convertible would have some manner of folding the screen to lie flat over the keyboard, obscuring it from view and making it look like any other tablet.  THAT would be of major interest to me (assuming it was built well enough to be durable).

  • Martin Tocauer

    Hi Charbax!

    Sounds interesting, but i would love to see the avaid 1024×600 7 inch tablet. 
    This tablet looked very fine.

  • Claudio Nicora

    I’m interested too.
    But I don’t think they’ll sell each device (of the group buy) separately; I suppose they’ll sell the whole bunch to only one destination… you 😉

  • Francis Mortanian

    I was totally thinking this watching these videos… how many thousands of Linux distributions are there, and how many of them have entire repositories of pre-compiled ARM packages already available?

    Both Gnome and KDE have at least one netbook-geared interface option (Unity, Plasma, or even stock Gnome 3)

    When I buy one, I’m looking for one that I can remove Android from and put Linux ON so I can use firefox, libreoffice, and you know; applications meant to be used with a keyboard.

  • Francis Mortanian

    ^– To be said in the voice of Comic Book Guy…

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  • Tim

     Hacking these devices isn’t completely straight forward. For what you are talking about, I suggest checking out the Efika MX Smarttop – it’s 50 dollars more expensive, and the hardware is old now, but it is easy to get another OS onto it (boot sd card), and the company is very hacker friendly.
    Does anyone know a more up to date alternative to that?

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  • ddevine

     I do have one of those Tim… The hardware is pretty out of date but I really like the Genesi folks – they’ve done great work (especially the Debian hardfloat port, which Ubuntu has uh… borrowed).

    Genesi will be bringing out the next version of the Smarttop and Smartbook this year I think.

    I also have a Toshiba AC100 – so I know how difficult some hardware can be too.

    But I think this Allwinner A10 based stuff should be easy because as far as I can tell most things that use it are pretty cookie-cutter. There is already Linux running on the Allwinner A10. http://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner_a10/hacking_the_mele_a1000/

  • Wm Armbruster

    I’m in for one if you move forward with this.

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  • Dimmi

    I have Interested in 4000mah too.

  • Fox7799

    We would be interested in buying if these ultra books could work well with Kubuntu or Bodhi Linux. We would not need installed OS unless it is Kubuntu or Bodhi. Please let us know. Thanks- http://APlusRebuilders.com

  • harry krishna

    put me down for two with a linux os.  i’ve got an augen genbook, which is identical in appearance.  only difference is this guy has a future.

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