Ochang.cn Tablets at the Huaqiangbei Shenzhen Electronics Market

Posted by Charbax – April 13, 2012

Here's a look at a booth selling tablets at the Huaqiangbei Shenzhen Electronics Market.

  • Akira

    Its private :-/

  • Teddy

    for huaqiangbei electronic item sourcing in huaqiangbei
    1: gadget : seg building( saige buolding)3rd floor .5 floor ,6 floor,  the saige building 3floor is almost like the window of
    the shenzhen huaqiangbei electronic market,
    2: for foreign electronic wholesale
     foreign trade wholesale market: car usd electronoic. entertainment item.home use cctv
    3:for phone and pad accessory
     saige communication market 2 floor,3floor,4 floor,
    4:for phone parts:  pongyuan communication market  all kinds of phone internal parts for iphone,blacberry,htc,samsung
    5:for china pad and laptop sanda electronic market 1 floor is for pad and oem laptop ,second floor is for accessory
    6:for china oem phone mingtong mobile phone market
    7:for brand laptop partsold huaqiang electronic world 2 second building. 3rd floor.like the laptop keyboard. battery,lcd. power adaptor, ram, second hand cpu.
    8:for flash memory zhongdian electronic market first floor
    9: for china game player .mp4. zhongdian electronic market  first floor
    10:for earphone ,headphone and speaker zhongdian electronic market from second floor on
    11: for cctv: pacifi security market
    12: for interesting electronic item:shenzhen industrial product showroom  market.any interesting new item u can find from here
    teddy: teddy@tendroid-buy.com    mob:0086 15099939722 www.tendroid-buy.com13: for led market:
    new huaqiang electronic market
    14: for spy camera gadget
    15: for second hand mobile
      tongtiandi mobile market

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