Zopo ZP100 MT6575 4.3″ qHD $174 street price

Posted by Charbax – April 10, 2012

The MediaTek MT6575 is out of the gate. ARM Cortex-A9 invades the low cost Shenzhen Smartphones market. http://www.zopomobile.com opened their first store on the Huaqiangbei Shenzhen Smartphones market street, to sell their new ZP100 smartphone at 1099rmb (USD$174). It's got an awesome 4.3" qHD 960x540 LCD capacitive screen made by Sharp, a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera/camcorder made by Sony, the MT6575 makes it support Dual-sim WCDMA/3G/Data and GPRS/Voice at the same time. And it's got a removable 1650mAh battery, MicroSD slot and Micro-USB that does not double as an MHL output. Of course I bought one because I want to test the MT6575 processor. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see me test on this and other upcoming MT6575 Smartphones.

  • Un Geek Ć  Shenzhen

    Hi, this is why i see you many time in the market lol šŸ˜‰ greg from http://ciphone.fr

  • Martin Tocauer

    Did you also see the ZP200 already. It will include a Glass Free 3D screen !

  • Hello Charbax, Very interesting!
    I have some questions
    #1) Does it include the official google market?
    #2) Could you please try to install “Adobe Air” runtime from the market?


  • Andrew Watts

    As I understand it the 6573 platform hd a limitation where you could not have simultanious Ā data and a voice call.Ā 
    Has this been overcome in the 6575?

  • David Vincent


    i noticed that most of the 6573 based phones (hero 7300) seem to use the same htc type skin or maybe same launcher. how much work was it to install a alternative rom (seems like you may be running a modified rom) on the one that you purchased?

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  • Rohit

    hiiieeee…..i am thinking of buying this phone. just wanted to know how is the build quality Ā and sound of the phone and tell me the drawbacks of the phone as i am purchasing it from a online site it is costing me for 215$, one thing which is making me sad is that it doesn’t have gorilla glass as its 4.3 inch screen we have to be very careful regarding keeping in our jeans . so what do u recommend should i go for this phone or not

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  • so this phone actually has niceĀ capastiveĀ screen? and a 1ghzĀ processorĀ , and will work withĀ t mobileĀ 3g inside usa? i have bought a couple phones from china , im been waiting for one that acutally is good fast andĀ reliableĀ .

  • If the MediaTek MT6575 works with T-Mobile in the USA (900mhz band-only, something like that?) then yes it should work fine with 3G speeds on that. Check if MediaTek MT6575 is said to support that and please comment here if you find the answer.

  • Yeah I filmed ZP-200 but I actually forgot to post that video.

  • that what i was trying to see if anyone knew if works on tmobile before i order it lol , i would want 3g on it aswell need to know before i order itanyone can help me out on that one?

  • it show work on tmobile if its unlocked worldwide, all the other china phones i ever got worked fine on tmobile just none Ā picked up 3g like this onesĀ supposedĀ too..

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