$63 7″ capacitive Boxchip A10 Tablet

Posted by Charbax – April 10, 2012

This is getting close to the cheapest price you can find a 7" capacitive ARM Cortex-A8 with Mali-400 graphics powered Ice Cream Sandwich WVGA tablet. I bought 2, because I want to test this more. Let me know in the comments if you may be interested to buy one of these (I may try to organize some group buy of this through my website if there is demand). Let me know in the comments what I should test about this tablet.

  • I’d like 2. contact me if you organized the group.

  • Caffeineborg

     I would sign up for (2) as well for me.  Ideally this would be a great platform to build for custom solutions — inexpensive enough to start then custom configuration. 

     If I can help organize the purchase group let me know.

  • José Eduardo S. C. Xavier

    I’m interest in one 🙂

  • José Eduardo S. C. Xavier

    The video you played was 720p?

  • I want one in black.

  • Martin Tocauer

    Hi charbax

    I would be interested in a 1024×600 version of these.

    For Your tests

  • Claudio Nicora

    Can you please post technical specifications of this tablet?
    Or, maybe, a close picture of its box back side…

  • David

    I Want one!

  • Florian Kapust

    I want two devices too!

  • Hello Charbax,
    #1) Does it come with google market built in?
    #2) Could you please try to see if “Adobe Air” runtime can be installed from the market?


  • Rk20817

    I am interested in one. Especially if you get a 1024×600 version.

  • Axeteve

    My Query:
    1. Is this boxchip a10 or a13 is MIPS based (Pls do mention this in your videos)
    2. What is the Battery mAh
    3. Is there an option with 3G sim (GSM+CDMA; one at a time) available
    4. Pls test the battery by playing one of your 720p(that’s around 2.2 Mbits/sec) youtube videos in loop

    And the cost factors 🙂

    Great Job & God luck

  • Anonymous

    Greetings Charbax:

     The most important thing to test is Skype video call.
     If the Video works on the Skype call then its a good tablet.

     Also the one thing you seem to forget at times Charbax is where do we go online to buy this tablet.
     Or do we buy it from you. 

     Regards Robert from the beautiful city of Montreal Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, this has been on sale for awhile now. It is known as the “LY-F1”. I actually was looking into this tablet as a platform to play some of Kairosoft’s little simulation games, but couldn’t justify the $100 price for such a small purpose. But $60-70 is much better, I would be willing to pay that! 

    When I first found it, they were running Android 2.3 on it (hence the hardware buttons). Can you tell me how the performance is with Android 4.0? Also if you don’t mind, can you jump on the Market and download the lite version of one of Kairosoft’s games (Dungeon Village for instance) and tell me how the performance is and if the ICS menu bar at the bottom disappears? If it seems smooth and the menu bar does disappear allowing fullscreen gameplay, then I would be interested in buying 2 of these for that price!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and as a follow up question, have you found any tablets using the new RK30XX chipset? If you have, any idea when they will be available and for what price?

  • Werewolfc

     +1 here
    It would be nice if there will be a 3G model (both A10 or A13 are ok if you want mobility at 7 inch) available for a retail price under 80Euros (we have to keep in mind that those tablets will be imported from outside EU, so i guess there will be taxes, VAT etc etc )

  • Il_moruz

     i’m interested but i need more information in order to decide between this and the other boxchip A13

  • BrianFl

    definitely interested if you do bulk purchase. count me in for probably 2 or more.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I am also interested in knowing if there are any tablets using the new RK30XX chipset.

  • Anonymous

    Gaming part please!

  • Pieters Bram

    want want want! 🙂 very interested in group buy!

  • Joan R. Serra

    I am interested: a white one


  • Yi Peng

    I have a good website, the A10, the tablet products are very good the 8GB the1.5GHz CPUDDR3 1GB memory, but also the discount, you can go and see  

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