Boxchip A13 sub-$55 7″ Capacitive ICS Tablet by, even cheaper ARM Cortex-A8!

Posted by Charbax – April 9, 2012

The new Boxchip A13 is designed to provide for even cheaper Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, now reaching the sub-$55 price point. By June, says they can sell this one in bulk below 300rmb which is below USD$47! At that price you get a 7" capacitive ICS awesome experience! WVGA at that price, I don't know how much more it costs them to make it a 7" 1024x600 screen. The AllWinner Boxchip A13 removes the HDMI output, otherwise most seems to be the same as the now very popular AllWinner Boxchip A10 based tablet platform! If you are interested to buy this tablet for sub-$55 (any quantity) let me know in the comments (maybe I can find a way to make it a grouped purchase through Hong Kong on my website).

  • Il_moruz

    i’m interested (also commented on youtube video page…)

  • Scottpet1973

    I’m interested as well.

  • F4eru

    Only tablets, tablets, and tablets. a lot of people are waiting for 12″ ARM notebooks.

  • Mj TK

    Interested too

  • Enrico

    I’m interested too!

  • Maventwo

    During Q2 2012 Samsung display starts making brand Youm that is flexible Amoleds up to 10″
    Flexible Amoleds will be unbreakable displays.So, they have a huge poential in all types of portable devices.

  • Vijudallon

    I am in, interested!

  • Eholsey1

    I’m interested too. What would the actual price be and how soon will you know if your able to purchase them? Thank you.

  • I’d like 2 of these also, let me if you get a group together.

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  • Thempra .

    I am in, interested!

  • I’m interested in buying two of these tablets!

  • Erik Hovland

    As long as the total cost stays under 100USD, I’m in.

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  • David Vincent

    ditto on ordering one of these, i’m in!

  • Daniel M.

    I am interested as well

  • Johan Thelin

    I’m interested.

  • euge

    I’d buy al least 3. Thx

  • Stevhutch

    In for _two_ at that price !!

  • Robroy

    Would buy 4 at that price

  • Droidstoreusa

    i need 10 of them

  • guest-7″

    looks like tablet porn…

  • BruceS

    Looks good, I would take one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested in 5.

  • Daniel M.

    I think I’ll order 3 now.

  • Joan R. Serra

    I am interested: one unit to test. If the test will be good I will buy more units

  • Justin M

    I would buy one for sure.

  • Eric Duprey

    I’d be interested in buying 3 as well.

  • Faiz

    Hi, I would like to buy 50Pcs. Please get in touch with me

  • Ill let you know next week about the group buys. Im still in China another couple of days finding the best value/quality devices.

  • mody

    i’m interested. i’ll take 1.

  • Sancelot

    seems to be a nice product , where and when can we buy !!! ?

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  • Faiz

    I am waiting. And  thanks for your great videos.

  • I’m in for two (2)

  • Wm Armbruster

    I’m in for 1 or 2, possibly some of any other such arrangements.

  • francesco mazzola

    I am interessed for 2 samples now and more after.

    Francesco Mazzola

  • Eliel Canivarolli

    Estou interesado no Produto. manda no meu e-mail Valores Por Inidade, Valor do envio para Brazil Cep 78580000 e quantidade minima enviada. se posivel gostaria de 1 para avaliação de mercado.

  • Guille18sep

    Thanks for your excelent reviews! Im also interested in a couple of samples of this tablet. My email is:

  • Jai


    Need few tablets 7″ Tablet with GSM call , With Valid IMEI code for India

  • Phoghat


  • Cibban

    I’ll take at least one if you can get it below 55 USD.

  • Osloor

    Please send me more info to my email osloor(at) gmail. com
    I am interested in few of those tablets.

  • Shawn Sutton

    I already posted a comment on your video but I thought I’d post here as there are a lot of comments on the video you posted. I’m interested in buying two of these tablets. My email (if needed) is Thanks.

  • Droidstoreusa

    Guys I do have the tablet and is great, I purchase 100 of them, and they are going fast, I’m.selling them for 140.00 on Craigslist, can do wholesale too, cost me 58.00, shipping dhl 25.00, if interested my price with shipping to you will be $105.00 call me 2108841755

  • Marto_savov

    I’m interested, but i live in Bulgaria. What we can do about the shipping?

  • Mylife060379

    im interested but im her in can i buy dat tablet?can u mail me… der a red color of dat tablet???thanx….im really nterested///

  • Mario

    Where can i buy one? Im from Slovenia 😀

  • Nina6308

    Are the boxchip A13 tablets still available for under $47usd? If so, I would like to purchase some of them. My email is best_solutions@live,com……Thanks

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