Sony to launch the first ARM Powered Chromebook?

Posted by Charbax – March 24, 2012

According to some FCC leak and rumoring, it looks like Sony is about to release a new Chromebook and the FCC info may point towards it running on an ARM Processor! T25 is the leaked processor info, that sound like the Tegra 250 T25. I think the thinking was T25 is intermediary between T20 and T30, in between Tegra2 and Tegra3. Basically, I think, the hope should be that if it's a Tegra2, that it has a new faster memory bandwidth and a higher clock speed compared to the "first generation" Tegra2 devices that were released back since the end of 2010!

The Dual-core TI OMAP4470 runs at 1.8Ghz, the Dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 Krait S4 runs above 1.5Ghz, might it be that a new Dual-core Nvidia T25 processor also runs at similar clock frequency and might it be that the T25 has an improved memory bandwidth?

If Sony plans to have a target price for it around $199 for the 11.6" version, with upwards 20 hours battery life, make it the thinnest, lightest, this can become one of the new top selling laptops in the world.

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  • Anonymous

    If true, I would buy one as soon as it came out (and immediately replace Chrome OS with a real Linux distribution).

  • Maventwo

    If so we will soon see a whole bunch of ARM-powered “Ultrabook” computers that will outcompeting Intel based Ultrabook computers in price.

  • Marc Guillot

    Awesome, I hope their price will be right (under 150$) and will get a full-featured Ubuntu.

  • I wish they’d just run Android on these things.  It would be great to have a sub $200 notebook that runs Android.

  • It looks like a failed project for now though. Chrome OS on ARM wasn’t ready back in september. And now that it is, a Tegra 2 Chromebook would sound dated (promotionally speaking).

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  • Aefqfrs

     That’s called the Toshiba AC100 :

  • T25 is what they wanted to call Tegra 3D last year. It’s just an upgraded Tegra 2 to 1.2 ghz.

  • As this chromebook has the biggest advantage of the battery life of 20hours so it would be great for people not to charge it again and again. And if company set the affordable and fair price then definitely people going to buy this product. And thanks for sharing this news with us.

  • Maybe now the T25 is going to be 1.5Ghz or 1.8Ghz and maybe the memory bandwidth is much faster than Tegra2, who knows? I think Tegra3 was marketed as Quad-core but the choice of positioning it as they are not making Dual-core anymore was a bad choice by Nvidia. Dual-core I think is still very relevant, especially as Dual-core can be made with a higher clock frequency than Quad-core. Memory bandwidth is one of the most important features also.

  • J.M. Becker

    The AC100 is great, but inexpensive it is not.  It was NEVER remotely close to sub $200.  Try closer to $650.  When people use those other money symbols, they don’t mean USD.  This is a great example of answer aping, which plagues the interwebs. … O and BTW, Toshiba does not even produce them anymore.

  • chewbie

    I can’t believe they’re taking so long to release these things. By the time ARM chromebooks come to market MS will have ARM based servers, tablets and ultrabooks on the market too. this is a lot of $$$ lost for Open Source

  • Sony may be afraid of change, their executives maybe don’t like the idea of cannibalizing VAIO. But I also just think they are ramping this up for release when the software is ready.