Some of my expectations for Mobile World Congress

Posted by Charbax – February 17, 2012

The MWC is the ARM conference, all the latest fastest newest ARM Processors are unveiled, all the biggest Smartphones of the year are demonstrated, the Smartphone and Carrier industry generating Trillions of dollars of yearly economic activity converges in Barcelona between February 26th and March 1st, expect the best video coverage to be posted right here on!

Please help me in getting well prepared for this event, send me an email with any tips for awesome things to be shown at MWC that you think that I should video-blog. You can also post here in the comments what your expectations are for MWC, interesting leaks and prediction articles to check out, please let me know what you think I should film in priority.

Here are some of the topics which I am looking forward to see:

- ARM Cortex-A15 demonstrated by Texas Instruments, Samsung. Maybe Nvidia shows Project Denver for the first time. ST-Ericsson may show it also. Does Qualcomm have an equivalent Mega-Krait on demo?

- Single-core ARM Cortex-A9 becomes a huge deal. I expect sub-$100 Cortex-A9 smartphones based on MediaTek MT6575 and ST-Ericsson U4500. It's a big deal it brings performance to the sub-$100 unlocked smartphones market which can be hundreds of millions of phones per year.

- Samsung upgrades Galaxy Nexus up to OMAP4470 1.8Ghz. Samsung upgrades Galaxy S2 to Plus with latest Exynos4 at 32nm (Dual 1.5-1.8Ghz or Quad 1.2-1.5Ghz?). Samsung upgrades tablets with 1200p screens, newest Exynos, TI OMAP4470 and/or Nvidia Tegra3?

- Sony goes crazy on Android. Expect powerful and good looking Sony Xperia phones with latest screen and processor technology. Sony needs Android for its economic recovery. Expect a new range of Sony branded phones.

- Panasonic launches its ARM Cortex-A9 processor for other than Set-top-box/HDTV use? Maybe they use their dual-core for a Lumix phone. For people who care about the smartphone camera this is going to be good. Real point-and-shoot optics with a full Android smartphone integrated.

- Google acquires Motorola. Motorola announces new OMAP4460 1.5Ghz and OMAP4470 1.8Ghz phones and tablets with ICS. Makes Lapdock hardware system an open standard. Lapdock devices are now more powerful at Laptop productivity use than the Intel Atom netbook. Does Google use MWC to launch its Google Entertainment System for cheap Android@Home Hubbing, ARM Powered Google TV platform upgrade, new level of support for ARM Powered Native Code video-games and advanced ARM Powered Google Desktop software.

- LG aims very high, showing stuff even better looking than their LG Spectrum phone. Using fastest processors and latest IPS LCD HD screen technology. There is talk of Optimus 3D2 and X3.

- Huawei positions themselves as potential top challenger for smartphone volume of sales throughout the world. Launches the awesome OMAP4460 super slim P1S at (I guess sub-$300 unlocked) and shows their new Diamond series with even faster processor and even larger screen (I guess at sub-$400 unlocked). Also, launches range of low-cost sub-$100 Android phones with up to approx 4" screen sizes and single-core ARM Cortex-A9 processing, thus near Galaxy S2 performance at sub-$100 unlocked pricing. Huawei wants to be one of the best value for price makers worldwide.

- ZTE does it like Huawei, cheap, good value, innondates the market with mid-range sub-$200 unlocked and sub-$100 low-cost.

- Microsoft shows off Windows 8 on ARM Tablets/Laptops convertibles, for the first time, journalists are allowed to actually play with it. They probably are going to give a thousand Windows 8 on ARM Tablets to developers at the conference. Expect Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Nokia to show Windows 8 on ARM Tablets/Laptops Convertibles. Microsoft announces plan to acquire Nokia.

- Toshiba ramps up their tablets. Toshiba shows a successor to the AC100 ARM Powered Laptop, this time OMAP4470 1.8Ghz or Tegra3, ICS with an awesome Chrome for Android support.

- HTC shows Tegra3 and Qualcomm Krait stuff. May expand Wildfire to approx 4" screen sizes and Single-core ARM Cortex-A9 level of performance for the sub-$200 unlocked smartphones market.

- Fujitsu joins the Android market with a new slim Tegra3 smartphone.

- For expensive high-end, 720p is the new standard for smartphones and 1200p is the new standard for tablets.

What do you expect from MWC?

  • I like your idea of an ARM powered laptop/smartbook 🙂

  • Maventwo

    Why not any expectations about massive launching of LTE Smartphones?

    It should be time for massive launch of LTE phones,now!

  • Pug_ster

    Here’s what I think.  Chinese phone manufacturers ZTE and Huawei will start selling more and more handesets.  ZTE will have their seat at the android table  with the Mimosa X and Huawei with their P1S.  Sony, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, and HTC will won’t do very well.  Samsung and Motorola will do well.

    TI will continaually do very well this year at Qualcomm’s expense.  Yes Mediatek, St Errisson, and Nvidia Icera have their SOC’s, but I you don’t see any widespread adoption yet at least until 2nd half of this year.

    I still think that Windows on ARM is the dark horse.  Let’s face it, 3 months after Android’s ICS come out, you don’t see much ICS phones coming out.  Why?  Google would only work with only a few select phones.  You see software updates and android and iphone, but not much OS updates from android.  If Microsoft can streamline OS and driver updates for phones just like what they can do for pc’s, they can easily capture the Android and IOS markets.

  • I saw about 100 ICS tablets at CES last month. And I expect nearly all smartphones to be shown next week at Mobile World Congress to be shown with ICS on them. 3 months may sound like a lot, but in tech world it’s a very short time. They can’t all take that ICS source code and do all the chip level optimizations instantly. They can have basic demos in 2 weeks, but for it to be production ready it can take 3-4 months for each of them. Thus I also believe most popular smartphones released in 2011 are going to be upgraded to ICS officially within a month or two. Less popular phones can still get ICS unofficially (something about some of them think it’s too much work to officially do all the testing if the phone is too old or not popular enough).

    I think Mediatek is already a success story. If you go to China, maybe more than 50% of the smartphones sold in that country are running on the MediaTek Processor, running Android smoothly. I think the MT6595 sounds awesome, it’s going to be amazing to see ARM Cortex-A9 and HSPA+ on sub-$100 phones, I expect them even to come with decent 4.3″ capacitive screens at those sub-$100 prices now.

    I think all Android makers are doing good. And all will continue to do much better than they would without Android. The only reason HTC may loose market share would be if they are stubborn and don’t bring out cheaper phones but only want to focus on high-end. Then it’s normal, just as for Apple, that people only focused on high-end will loose market share. HTC must release Cortex-A9 performance 4″-4.3″ phones at below $200 if they want to win market share in this exploding worldwide smartphones market.

    I think it will be very interesting to see what the Japanese Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Fujitsu are going to do with Android these coming months. I think they can easily profit a lot from it. They can be leaders worldwide if they want. But it really depends on them agreeing to sell good cheap phones for pre-paid markets and not only expensive ones.

    If the Huawei P1S is $299 or cheaper unlocked, I think Huawei can become one of the top selling worldwide smartphone makers. If they mass produce it at full speed, and really target $299 P1S and $249 P1, and $349 or $399 D1Q, Huawei is going to be awesome and probably my top recommended high-end phone maker.