Google Entertainment System (GES)

Posted by Charbax – February 10, 2012

Can be as cheap as $49 or $99, run a full ARM Powered Google TV with advanced 3D video-gaming. For example using Mali-T604 graphics, the graphics are comparable to an xbox360. It basically plays all Android games on the TV. Use a Bluetooth or RF Keyboard/mouse and you've got a full Chrome Desktop on your HDTV. It also includes the Android@Home RF protocol for connecting all your home appliances to the web. USB host for hard drives, becomes a WiFi hotspot, may also dock a White Spaces modem/router later so you share your unused home bandwidth to your whole neighborhood. Google can brand as much hardware they want, and I think they should, they just also make that hardware and software open source and let any other hardware makers sell it also.

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Source: my logic/speculation and the Wall Street Journal

  • Maventwo

    Android at home Hub will of course out-compete Apple TV because the Android Hubs will be cheaper than Apple TV and have much lager potential as multi-media-hub.

    Just think of ARM gpu Mali-processors and a lot of all types of radio standards like nfc,wifi,wiGiG
    and hopefully USB Power Delivery 3.0 and in some years Thunderbolt USB.

    Android at Home Hub from many developers and makers will make Apple TV obsolete!

  • Well I guess every where we see right now there’s an android

  • But I am looking for the  home appliance. Well in home networking you just should to keep in mind that you must should have at least one hybrid hub.and all the other computer are attached with that. Then I think you networking could be considered as a secure..

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