Archos 101 G9 Turbo 1.5Ghz for $279 at today

Posted by Charbax – February 9, 2012

It's basically as powerful (or more powerful) than a Tegra3 tablet, but at nearly half the price. The normal MSRP price (for the 16GB 1.5Ghz version) is $399 so this is a good deal! It'll support Ice Cream Sandwich through an official firmware update probably coming later this month. Support for US-compatible 3G/4G/LTE USB sticks is possibly also soon to be announced (depends just on US carriers or MVNO's allowing Archos to use their networks I think).

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  • Anonymous

    How is it faster it runs at the same clock speed, has less cores, Same ARM processor architecture, and slower GPU. If you mean it is faster than tegra 2 you are correct but not tegra 3

  • It has a higher clock speed 1.5Ghz vs 1.3Ghz and it may have a faster memory bandwidth. Most Android apps and most normal Android activities can’t get much if any more performance out of having more cores to use.

  • Anonymous

    tegra 3 runs at the same 1.5ghz clock speed and has more cores so it is technically faster. nothing wrong with that. Archos has never been on the bleeding edge of tech nor do they intend to be.

  • Tegra3 is a 1.3Ghz (probably slightly overclocked/overbenchmarked 1.2Ghz) quad-core processor. It’s impossible to manufacture Quad-core at the same frequency as dual-core. That is why TI, Qualcomm, even Samsung have chosen to use Dual-core at higher frequencies instead of going with a lower frequency quad-core. Quad-core does have its advantages, one being it can in theory run some of the same stuff using a bit less power. But performance is not the advantage, at not for 95% of the activities people do on a tablet and smartphone.

    Archos has always been the first to use the newest and fastest Texas Instruments processors and Archos has always provided those at the best price for value. TI has always been and always is on the bleeding edge of ARM technology.

    Tegra3 is an excellent processor, but the marketing speak about it being twice as fast as dual-core is just plain wrong. You can always engineer benchmarks that may show it. But if you put the device in the hands of 99% of the consumer and measure actual load times and interface times of more than 95% of normal usage, you simply cannot see a difference. The Dual-core OMAP4470 at 1.8Ghz for example is definitely faster at nearly all use cases than the Tegra3 at 1.3Ghz.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying its twice as fast I’m just saying its faster which it is. Even if some uses are slower it is technically superior. nothing changes that. If Archos was on the cutting/bleeding edge they would always use the newest tech and Archos doesn’t their business model isn’t built on that and neither is the business model of Ti. Having the best of a certain tech doesn’t make you cutting edge.

  • OMAP4460 1.5Ghz is the newest and best technology. It’s better even than the newest and latest Android 4.0 reference platform used by Google which is the Galaxy Nexus. It’s faster than Tegra3 for 99% of apps in the Google Marketplace. It’s similar on video, games (those things are done on video and graphics co-processors anyway), it’s about as fast for web browsing in 99% of normal web page loading. There are very few cases of extreme multi-tasking where a quad-core may perform better. That’s it. It’s simply not true to say Archos doesn’t use the best and latest technology. Archos has always provided the best and latest technology that can be available also for a reasonable price. The Archos 101 G9 Turbo 1.5Ghz definitely has similar if not faster performance than the Asus Transformer Prime, yet Archos sells it nearly at half the price. And arguably the Archos has plenty better features such as the integrated 3G stick compartment, full sized and Micro-USB Host connectors, Kick-stand which is a lot more practical than having to buy a $150 keyboard dock, any $5 USB or Bluetooth keyboard works fine, any NTFS/FAT32/ETX3 hard drives work fine, even USB to Ethernet adaptors (for smooth 1080p mkv streaming) work fine.

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