Samsung 70″ 4K2K Quad-HD TV

Posted by Charbax – January 12, 2012

Here's a presentation by one of the lead engineers at Samsung on the 4K2K HDTV project. With some details about the cost of the technology.

  • Maventwo

    NHK labs which first declared UHDTV that now is called Super Hi-Vision that in Japan will be a consumer product by 2015.

    Korean state and 26 korean companies will develop together large flexible Amoled displays and WOLED aka White oled and other colors of oled lighting foil displays for ceiling lightning for consumer market by 2018.
    And thin large Amoleds made on flexible plastic substrate is just what the californien company Kateeva develops.
    Amoleds on flexible substrate can be made very fast with picoliter dots from large Ink Jet printer heads printing with a roll-to-roll making process where the substrate with the TFT bakplane can be printed before in another pre-process.
    When the Ink Jet printing shall make the Amoleds the large Ink Jet printers can print RGB or WRGB dots on the flexible plastic substrate and roll-to-roll the finished Amoleds displays or color lighting foil displays.

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  • Drryananderson

    thats a smart guy to be developing a project like that.  why do not allow him to have one in his own home ….as the lead project manager….so he can experiance it and tweak it, is samsungs idiot mistake.   IF samsung would just start producing this model and put it to market NOW people would buy it, problem is they probably want everyone to buy all their ‘old’ technology and then have us buy this new and better technology later……all marketing ploy…..almost like a scam if you think about it.

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