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Posted by Charbax – December 16, 2011 tries to aggregate gratitude on the social web.

  • Sprewell

    What do any of these crap “social” websites have to do with ARM devices?  You have a nice ARM-focused blog here- I enjoy your work 🙂 – but it’s been disappointing to see it spammed with dumb videos from Le Web.  It appears that European “social” sites are even worse than the idiotic ones we see here in the US, if the Le Web sample is any indication.

  • ARM devices are used to access the Internet, those social websites are representing some of the softwares on the cloud that makes ARM devices more usable. You don’t have to like all my 43 videos filmed at LeWeb, I just compiled my top-10 video list from LeWeb, I’m sure you’ll agree there are some interesting videos among those:

  • Sprewell

    That’s a pretty tenuous connection to ARM devices, particularly when there’s nothing ARM-specific about these websites, since the web browser is a cross-architecture platform.  Actually, looking at your top 10, there’s almost nothing interesting there.  If I wanted to read about dumb social websites, I’d read one of the other blogs devoted to them, I don’t.  You know best about your audience, just suggesting that those of us interested in ARM devices don’t care about these crappy “social” websites.

  • Let me know if you want my bank account so you can send me thousands of dollars to stop filming about the web. If you don’t like my web videos, you can load my RSS feed minus the Web category. I find nearly any technological topics ARM relevant, because there is ARM in everything. And in the future there will be ARM in even more things, stuff like social networking works best in ARM Powered devices, stuff that web startups do work best in ARM powered devices, and if you’re not interested in these European startups, you are not being forced to watch, this content is free. Come back during CES in January, Mobile World Congress in February and CeBIT in March if you want more ARM device oriented videos, during December I didn’t have anyone invite me or let me know about a consumer electronics conference event in Europe or anywhere else in the world. Going to Paris is relatively cheap, but if there was a conference with ARM Powered tablets/smartphones/laptops at the same time in China or anywhere else in the world, you’d been welcome to pay for my flight and hotels and I might have gone there.

  • Sprewell

    You’re right, I don’t pay you anything so I have no say over your content: I did say I was making a suggestion.  If you want to get paid, you should try starting a paid section of this blog and maybe some of us would chip in.  I know I’ve found some of your videos about new ARM hardware and software very valuable. 🙂 But saying everything is related to ARM because it all runs on ARM-powered smartphones and tablets is just silly.  I am not being forced to watch these dumb Le Web videos, indeed I mostly haven’t watched them, but I am forced to waste time skimming the titles looking for real ARM-focused content: that’s how you inconvenience your readers like me, minor though it may be.  While there may be no hardware conferences this month, there are tons of new ARM devices released before Christmas, perhaps  some would let you into their office like Archos did?  I can’t pay for your flight and hotels as long as there’s no paid section to this blog, so you may want to consider starting one. 🙂

  • You’re also welcome to send me Christmas presents and I’ll be happy to video review them. For example a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ unlocked would be nice. Even a Kindle Fire or Asus Transformer Prime would be interesting to film. Or else, wait until CES January 8-13th and I’ll film those and 100 other cool ARM devices on the show floor.