Rockchip RK2918 runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted by Charbax – November 29, 2011

Rockchip is showing Ice Cream Sandwich running on their 1Ghz-1.2Ghz RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 processor with the Vivante GC800 GPU. This may be one of the first demonstrations of Ice Cream Sandwich running on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor?

Thus expect some Ice Cream Sandwich firmware updates for the cool devices like the $149 Arnova 7 G2, $179 Arnova 8 G2, the $199 Arnova 10 G2 and the recently announced Arnova 9 G2 likely to be sold below $249 with a 9.7" capacitive IPS touch screen, thus bringing nice single-core Ice Cream Sandwich tablet experiences for the low-cost market.

  • Nards Barley

    I am afraid I won’t be a potential beneficiary since my Arnova G2 10 is up for sale.  I only need one 10 incher and my 99 dollar HP Touchpad with Android 2.3 ported on it gets the nod.

    Viewing angles do matter! (I read your comment on CNET in response to a review of Archos G9 80.)

  • Yes, $99 for the HP touchpad was a special price because HP just wanted to get rid of them..

    I think these have decent enough viewing angles, are the viewing angles on your Arnova 10 G2 that bad? Last I checked it was a lot better than last year’s Archos 101 Internet Tablet Gen8 device. I think cheap capacitive screens have improved so much even the cheap ones are pretty decent now, maybe not IPS, but viewing angles are quite good still, responsiveness as good as any other, brightness fine, colors fine etc.

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  • Nards Barley

    It is a decent tablet for the money. It is significantly lighter than the HP Touchpad and with its narrow frame, I could grasp it with one hand; I can’t do that with the Touchpad given its 4:3 aspect ratio.  As for the viewing angles, they aren’t very good but I adjusted to that so no big deal. 

    I should mention that I did get Android market installed following instructions at Archtablet blog. However, that process makes it so the user quickly eats up his allocated space for apps. I was surprised that they are still assigning only 256mb for that purpose. I restored the tablet because it annoyed me. 256 mb goes a long way without that hack for some reason.

    P.S.  Here is a new low price (including free shipping) on the Arnova G2 7″ in the U.S.

  • pug_ster

    While I would like to see Rockchip to produce a good product, an ICS port for Rockchip 2918 doesn’t seem to be finished yet.  Notice that the person didn’t play a video, so hardware acceleration probably is not finished yet.  Also, the scrolling is not as smooth as other arm cpus like ziilabs one above.  I just wish that rockchip fixed the problems with their previous arm cpus.  I got an rockchip 2818 based tablet and it overheats after 5 minutes of use and the battery life is about 1.5 hours.

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