Ice Cream Sandwich on the Tegra3 powered Asus Transformer Prime

Posted by Charbax – November 22, 2011

Nvidia just released this video demo showing Ice Cream Sandwich running on an Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (click to pre-order for $499 on Amazon). It will be awesome to see if a full Chrome browser can be run on top of Ice Cream Sandwich for when a device like this is used in ARM Powered Laptop mode and using the HDMI output and USB/bluetooth keyboard/mouse in ARM Powered Desktop mode.

  • Anonymous

    Full chrome would be nice and all, but I wish they could support a full desktop mode on these things. I particularly miss IDEs like Qt Creator, Visual studio, Notepad++, but also Inkscape, gimp and blender. Though the last ones might be made to work with a touch interface with some smaller modifications. With that I could see myself putting my x86 laptop collecting dust.

  • Marc Guillot Puig

    A dual-boot with Ubuntu would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

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