Charbax Cyborg: How I video-blog, Live and On-demand

Posted by Charbax – October 29, 2011

This is how I was walking around the ARM TechCon 2011, with the OMAP3530 Powered Kopin Golden-i Headmounted display (voice-controlled and with head-tracking) to monitor the live Ustream IRC chat, a USB webcam on my head streaming live video to Ustream through the Marvell Armada 618 Powered OLPC XO-1.75 in my bag (using another netbook when Marvell was showcasing the XO-1.75 at their booth), a T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot ($50/3GB/month/prepaid/$141-Mifi), and my nearly 4-year old Sanyo HD1000 (9mbitps 720p) with the external Sennheiser MKE400 shotgun microphone.


I also have the new higher quality JVC GC-PX10 but its 24/36mbitps 1080p50 recording bitrate is too high to upload on the relatively slow upload speed at this conference. At the San Francisco Downtown University Campus last weekend, the upload speed was 100mbitps so there I filmed all 16 videos at the OLPC Summit with that camera, for most of which you can even download the full original camera sample video file using Google Docs separately linked under each video.

  • Anonymous

    While the attachment system may not have been the best, respect for the willingness to wear that for the show.

    Not sure if it will be worth it, but perhaps look into the camera from Looxie:

  • Yup, Motorola Kopin can probably “easily” integrate a little smartphone type camera in the one side of the headmounted display so that the camera can thus be included.

  • H.Kwint

    Indeed, I think it makes sense if you’re in industrial repair or something alike, to have other people offer you ‘remote help’, But then the other people need to see what you see! So it might make sense for Motorola to include it, right?

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