Freescale i.MX6 Quad Core at ARM TechCon 2011

Posted by Charbax – October 28, 2011

Freescale is showcasing the performance of their Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 Quad processor.

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  • ooh so production is first half of 2012 now…..

    so much for telling back in  January, 2011

    “… All three new chips will begin sampling in the second quarter of 2011, and the company expects devices using the new chips to hit the market before the end of the year….”

    i wonder what the tech/spec problem was/is (if any) and why they got the retail dates so wrong again, so Tegra3 gets all the Quad core action this 2011 year, shame.

    it apparently wasn’t the the known world disasters flood.quake etc, as a freescale rep on eetimes said their production lines were OK at the time as regard the quad Core.

  • They had a first sample on display in June

    I don’t know if there are delays or not. It seemed to work quite well with Honeycomb on this demo from October.

    For example Tegra3 is maybe only being released in very limited number of devices for consumers before the end of the year, that is probably why Transformer Prime only starts selling December 19th and my guess is Transformer Prime will get out of stock pretty quickly. Mass stable availability for quad-core in consumer devices is more likely to be around second quarter 2012 something like that, also for Tegra3. I think the Freescale representative simply says he expect this to be for sure in full mass production by Christmas next year. But a processor needs to go through several steps to be with a good enough yield to be mass production, meaning shipping in millions of devices and being stable.

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