Sony PRS-T1 Reader Wi-Fi, 6″ e-reader with infrared multi-touch

Posted by Charbax – September 2, 2011

Sony is launching their new generation of Eink e-readers with this Sony Reader Wi-Fi, it supports dual touch using infrared technology. The Wi-Fi can be used for stuff like web browsing, Google searching, Wikipedia searching for words highlighted in any book and for downloading e-books from the web or even viewing e-books within the web browser.

  • Arczi79

    What about Archos G9 tablets??? You have told that you take some more informatins about it?

  • Maventwo

    6-inch e-reader is perfect size on the display to have in the hand.

    But I believe that e-readers shall be as simple as possible and interactive like this e-reader from Sony with multipel-touch-display.

    But I thing e-readers shall not have any buttons on exept on/off button.But when e-readers with full colours come they will be much more requested than e-readers with only one colour.

    Qualcomm Mirasoldisplay will be a display with full colour, when they come.

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  • Well I think they are such a great brand that they are bound to be a leader in this field also.

  • Its really related for the apps so that we can know whats is the best method to really touch the app for g9 tablets.