Sharp 8K4K TV, 7680×4320 resolution, 85″, the future of HDTV

Posted by Charbax – September 2, 2011

Sharp is demonstrating the most insane HDTV ever, at 8K4K, they recorded a bunch of demonstration videos, the quality is amazing. Here's a video interview with a product manager. They say that the sources for 8K4K content are missing, but we can all at least upscale our 20 Megapixel consumer photo camera pictures on there, and I think they should just tell Hollywood to transfer the 8K4K versions of all movies onto cheap soon to cost $50 2TB hard drives.

  • Maventwo

    Japanese Public-service TV company NHK was first with UHDTV=Ultra High Definition TV in their technolgy Lab for 6-7 years ago.NHK initiative UHDTV have for 4 years ago taken to a new goal for METI=Ministery of Economy,Trade and Industry that always supports developing projects for the japanese industry and now supports the development of UHDTV that shall be for broadcasting TV via opto links in 2020.

    So, Sharp will not be the only japanese company with 85-inch or why not a 200-inch 8K4K TV-super-thin-displays in 2020.

    But today Sharp is the worlds largest LCD-maker but at 2020 LCD will be one of some display tech.

    2020 we will see super-thin-Amoled-displays maybe people in 2020 buy their fortcoming TV-display
    as a roll like a large carpet and fix on the wall in a rack that fix the super-thin Amoled-display.

    In 2020 the electrodes material will probably be in graphene and speakers will be cheap ones made of graphene sheets (two sheets of graphene and an isolator in between) as South Korean researchers recently have announced that they have developed. 

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