White Spaces new unlicenced 802.22TM-2011 standard can replace all carriers and provide free wireless broadband worldwide for all

Posted by Charbax – July 28, 2011

Bloggers are talking about using White Spaces for connecting rural areas to broadband, citing specs such as "transmissions speeds topping out at 22 Mbps per channel, with a range of up to 100 kilometers". That is great and all, bravo. But what I have been suggesting for years, please write comments if you know more or better, is that White Spaces can also be used in all cities to rapidly replace the need for cell phone carriers completely! Consider this scenario:

1. Next month, someone, perhaps Google or Martin Varsavsky's fon release a cheap low voltage short antennae $20 White Spaces router, one that everyone is encouraged to connect as any other WiFi router at home.

2. Clever online White Spaces anti-interference and bandwidth-management maps are used to automatically set the voltage for each White Spaces WiFi on stereoids hotspot, to not create any interference in the city and also cover as much of the city area as possible.

3. All users connect using FON.com method, all White Spaces hotspots are broadcasting open hotspots but without providing actual internet access until each user gets reliably authenticated, for example using username/password method. In devices you can save your username/password so you always automatically connect.

4. Bandwidth is thus throttled cleverly as there is more or less demand in any given area. And owners of each hotspot can of course decide to prioritize the bandwidth for their own consumption and only give out whichever unused bandwidth on this shared White Spaces sharing network. Basically, as owner of a White Spaces hotspot, you can never even know that your home bandwidth is being used by people walking by in the streets outside your appartment, as long as you need bandwidth yourself in your home your own usage is always fully prioritized.

5. Because of net neutrality, internet service providers can not legally try to block or throttle this type of usage. One can do whatever one wants to do with ones home bandwidth. This is nothing else than wanting to roam the world for free by sharing ones own home bandwidth with the neighborhood.

6. The higher the demand for bandwidth, the smaller each White Spaces hotspot is dynamically made, by lowering the voltage of each hotspot to lower its coverage diameter.

7. With about 1000 such White Spaces hotspots, at a cost of about $20 each (if those cost not much more than WiFi routers to mass manufacture), it means that for about $20 thousand, users can totally cover any city with free wireless broadband for all. And as more and more bandwidth is required, simply more hotspots are added and purchased by the users themselves.

8. Micro-payments for better bandwidth prioritization can also be added somehow. If Fiber providers decide to try to improve bandwidth in this city-wide White Spaces network, those should be able to easily sell such premium bandwidth by the Gygabyte. So while some basic bandwidth for VOIP and other such basic use may mostly be free for all users, someone who may not be sharing bandwidth at home, may have to pay something like $0.10/GB for some prioritized bandwidth. The micro-payments can also work automatically with one payment standard for the world, one simple "Pay $__ for __GB bandwidth in region __ OK/No" standard for the world.

So what do you networking experts say, are we just about to enter a new world where cell phone carriers become unnecessary, but where everyone shares White Spaces from their home using types of Fem2Cell and simple White Spaces routers and even White Spaces mesh networking?

Larry Page, Google CEO, talking about White Spaces in September 2008:

  • Maventwo

    But IEEE 802.22TM will not be excepted in urban areas in countries were the UHF-band are fill with many digital TV-channels.

    IEEE 802.22TM is a standard for mobile communications in rural areas.

    But IEEE 802.22 TM could be a new very cheap system for mobile communcation in poor countries and make it possible for cheap Smartphones
    even in poor countries.

    With more integrated chips where SoC will integrate not only cpu with more and more cores and gpu processor, dram,solid state memories
    will be integrated in same device we will see cheaper Smartphones now when amoled displays fortcoming years will be in huge production volumes
    with diplays tinner than 1mm.

  • Edward

    If it is legal to use it in the US, then there will be companies producing the equipment (China?).

    It will be REALLY difficult to stem the flow of such (cheap?) devices into other countries once people learn of the huge benefits such networks can bring.

    Freeing “white-space” for this in the US might have been the most important decision ever made in the history of the Worldwide Internet. 

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