Panasonic UniPhier, 1.4Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 for HDTV/Set-top-box

Posted by Charbax – June 12, 2011
New Panasonic ARM Processor
New Panasonic ARM Processor

The Panasonic UniPhier MN2WS0220 is claimed to be one of the fastest to use for HDTV and Set-top-box will begin sample shipments this month.

Panasonic's new chip will open the way for a new generation of smart TVs that allow users to simultaneously enjoy two TV broadcasting channels, as well as Internet-based content and applications in high-resolution at the same time. In addition, the new chip is able to reduce power consumption of and the number of components used in smart TVs, which will help drive smart TVs to spread in the global market.

I would find it normal for Google to qualify this Panasonic UniPhier MN2WS0220 ARM Dual-core chip to be used to run the Google TV software, and I would find it normal for Panasonic to start using Google TV for their Smart TVs instead of that proprietary Viera SmartTV stuff. I think all future Panasonic HDTVs should include Google TV, to provide for the best software for WebTV, interactive features, I think it's the best full integration of the web in the TV.

I am not sure how big ARM has been thus far on being inside all those HDTVs, but now it seems all the major HDTV makers have serious ARM Powered HDTV plans underway, LG is definitely using ARM for their next SmartTVs, Samsung has their ARM Powered Google TV plans, what is Sharp, Philips going to do? How soon until Sony's HDTVs shift from Intel to ARM for Google TV? How soon until all the major HDTV makers agree that Google TV is the software that they should all use?

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  • Marc Guillot Puig

    It was very shocking when Google started their Smart TV’s using Intel Atom processors.

    Now using ARM processors seems very senseful (low prices, good enough performance, low head, …). As a plus we now found a lot of Android games ready to be used in Smart TV’s.

    I think this second wave of Smart TV’s will finally be succesful.

  • Fabio Fumi

    I’m looking forward for Google TV, or any “smart” TV, but what about the integration of existing, aerial DVB-T, or dish DVB-S streams into a Web TV? Ever seen something about it?

    What I’ve seen until now is mainly a sort of refinement of the UI, for a large TV screen, of:

    1) the web Browser
    2) YouTube & similia
    3) Facebook & similia

    I’ve never seen methods for “getting out” of a standard, old-style TV show while watching it, accessing a web link shown in it, or searching for info about something shown in it, maybe stopping and buffering the stream flow for the time I need to read my info. This is something technically feasible, I think… But I guess no TV broadcaster wants people to leave their program, even for a second.

     – – –

    One side note: “… enjoy two TV broadcasting channels, as well as Internet-based content
    and applications in high-resolution at the same time…”. Well, this is not a matter of the OS or hardware of the set-top box, but about the capabilities of the human being sitting in front of such a monster TV  !!!  :9

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