ZTE Light Tablet with Pixel Qi screen

Posted by Charbax – June 3, 2011

While this is not yet with the anti-glare anti-reflective coating and the reflective mode for touch is not yet implemented in this ZTE sample, this is how the ZTE Light with Pixel Qi might look like, the fully optimized version should be shipping in the third quarter of this year.

  • FINALLY a frikkin ZTE Light!!  They announced this months ago and I’ve been checking YouTube because there’s already been something out called the ZTE Light but it has conventional LCD screen and it made me all WTF?!  Now we finally have a planned release date. Comparing it to the Flyer was interesting. Thanks!

  • Wesley

    ZTE used a glossy outer layer with the Pixel-Qi screen…that is defeating the object of the screen.  Oh well, at least she told them as much and it’ll be sorted out.

    Why do manufacturers not use matte screens, they give a much better experience. It is ridiculous looking at these new Honeycomb tablets for instance on videos and all you see if reflected light and the reflection of the cameraman.  I don’t buy the excuse that they use glossy screens to look good in shop windows. Shops don’t even put valuable devices in their windows these days and even if they did, you wouldn’t be able to see the picture very well if the device was on.

  • Snk4ever

    Please zte, keep it cheap (like the zte blade) and non glossy !!!

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  • salmon

    Yeah, hope they do use a matt screen. Looks excellent!

  • salmon

    Oh the wait, I’m going insane :p

  • salmon

    Still waiting Q.Q