ShiZhu Technology shows Pixel Qi Tablets at Computex 2011

Posted by Charbax – June 3, 2011

Check out how ShiZhu's new Pixel Qi tablet series perform outdoors and indoors against other regular LCD based new Android tablets such as the HTC Flyer (with an anti-glare coating) and the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, you can see how the Pixel Qi screen is much more readable outdoors. This tablet is based on the Samsung Hummingbird Cortex-A8 processor. They are releasing also a 7" and they can provide them in several different designs.

  • It’s not enough for the Pixel Qi to be readable outdoors.  *Indoors* the colors need to pop like an IPS screen.  Can it do that yet?

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. My iphone pops really well indoors, but I usually put the screen light down to almost minimum to get better battery life. I know I’m not alone. The battery and outdoors advantage should give it a following.

  • I forgot to film the ZTE indoors, you’d see that it does pop indoors if implemented with glossy glassy screen surface, but that’s not the right way to implement it. Matte is by far the best solution to not have the tablets look like mirrors outdoors, much less for Pixel Qi, but still a mirror effect that’s just not nice to use for reading anything on the screen. Thus, the not popping up colors is more to the fact it’s recommended to use matte surface than it being about Pixel Qi not doing full color saturation full contrast, they can actually do as colorful and as saturated as an iPad IPS screen, only difference still being matte is the best suggested option, so unless iPad3 goes matte, which I think it should as well as to use Pixel Qi if they want to claim to be ereading friendly, then people will continue to compare it like that. Archos has always used matte until Gen7 and Gen8 which were glossy type, I’ve always prefered their matte screens I expect everyone to go back to matte.

  • salmon

    Any release date on this yet?

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