Pixel Qi tablets can run on solar power

Posted by Charbax – June 3, 2011

A quite small modern solar panel can produce 1W of power, enough to power both the Pixel Qi and the whole ARM Powered tablet motherboard behind it. Think for a second how amazing this is. They can put solar panels on the bezel and the Tablet could basically be fully solar powered, have a bigger solar panel on the back of the tablet if you want to just charge it and not use it. This compact 1W Solar panel is $3. OLPC could be using this for the upcoming OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop and the XO-3 tablet.

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  • http://twitter.com/mikecane Mike Cane

    I’m not sure putting it on the bezel is a good idea.  It would be covered by hands and fingers.  Maybe a flip-up panel that folds up from the back!

  • Marc Guillot Puig

    You won’t cover all bezel surface, so there should always be enough free bezel surface to power the tablet. And when you don’t use it, there will still be charging your battery, so there will be no problem if there is not enough power input for several hours.

  • http://ARMdevices.net/ Charbax

    My main problem with it having to be on the bezel is that I would prefer a tablet with no bezel at all, just screen and barely a millimeter of bezel perhaps around it to keep things together. But for as long as bezels are required I think it would be awesome if solar panels can be cut up to any shape and thus be able to fit into any bezel size or shape.

    I wonder if the solar bezel can be matte, as I heard from Pixel Qi that consumers prefer matte bezels as the glossy bezel is just as frustrating with reflected light as glossy screens are.

    Otherwise I also like the idea of the screen protector to be a solar panel that can thus be flipped out or be nicely slotted behind the tablet, while not interfering with the built-in kick-stand. Lots of things to consider.

    The cool thing is if 1W compact solar panel area only costs $3 in Bill of Materials, then it’s going to be awesome if basically all consumer electronic surfaces that are not the screen are going to be made of that.

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  • Wesley

    Sounds like a great idea.  Bring on the Pixel-Qi tablets with built in solar panels and dual core processors!

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  • Maventwo

    Apple have searched for american patent for in-built Solar cell in displays.
    So in-built Solar cell in Pixel Qi displays will be difficult to search when Apple all ready have done similar patent.
    But solar cell which can be attached to a tablet pc or Smartphone with some easy attachment must be used in fortcoming devices.

    Even if Pixel Qi display tech is awesome, I beliave that amoled oled displays will be main-stream technology in 2-4 years in most Smartphones and tablet pc and larger tablet pc.

    Pixel Qi will be main-stream display technology beside Mirasoldisplay in e-book readers.

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  • Clement

    Do you know were you can buy that kind of solar panel? 

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  • Anonymous

    This is too cool. 

    Talk about long battery life with a system like this. If displays keep getting more efficient, then we may see devices that we never have to plug in. 

  • DonnaDrew

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  • http://www.freesolarinstallations.net/ free solar panels

    I also like the idea that the screen saver to a solar panel that can be changed or can be divided very well behind the platform, while not interfering with the built-in stand. Many things to consider.

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