Cupp Computing turns any Laptop into an ARM Laptop

Posted by Charbax – June 3, 2011

Cupp Computing is now launching as a product their module to replace the hard drive in any Laptop, add an SSD, up to 2 MicroSD cards (one for the ARM Powered OS of your choice), and with a keyboard shortcut you instantly go from the ARM Powered OS to the x86 OS, and back while the x86 goes to sleep. The ARM Powered Laptop runs up to 40 hours on a battery, if you have just 10 minutes left of battery, switch to ARM mode and you've still got 1 hour of use to finish your work. In ARM Mode it can run Android, Ubuntu, Chrome OS and other. They are currently using OMAP3, they can use OMAP4 also soon for more ARM Performance. They also plan to work with motherboard manufacturers to add the whole ARM Powered laptop module right onto all motherboards so ARM Powered laptop mode becomes a default option in all laptops.

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  • Very cool – back in the “good old days” I had an ARM based Acorn RISC PC (still have) where you can insert a Intel 486 as 2nd processor… Now… this? 🙂 Love it!

    /Sten Hougaard

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  • That’s cool!

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