Worlds first Solar flight from Switzerland to Belgium underway

Posted by Charbax – May 13, 2011

Watch the live video now here:

The flight should be 12 hours, 438 kilometers from Payerne Switzerland to Brussels Belgium. This is the worlds first attempt to make an international flight using a 100% solar powered airplane.

You can follow the flight live with video and metrics with the Solar Impulse app on Android Google Marketplace and Apple Appstore.

I'd like to know this from an aeronautical expert:

Could we build an electric airplane, no solar, just big batteries, how many people can be transported, how far and how fast? What if the range of an electric jumbo jet with 100 passengers was only 2 hours, that's enough for half of all the short range gasoline powered flights.

  • Guru

     Dear Charbax,
    because I am your fan, I have for you this info:

    Only within days a Irish company STEORN will reveal to world their 3. generation of ORBO.

    No joke, this time with commercially suitable output power in region of kiloWatts.

    Far more advanced then solar cell aircraft.

    ORBO is OverUnity.

  • Yeah they are funny. I was watching a glass box on a webcam in London for about 20 minutes a few years ago through engadget, and nothing happened.

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