Review: $120 Hero H2000 MTK6516 Android Froyo Powered iphone4-copy

Posted by Charbax – April 13, 2011

I actually found this being sold at 780 renminbi ($120) at the Shenzhen Electronics Market the day after I bought it. So the price for this is actually as low as that. Also see my video review of the similar but even cheaper $87 FG8 3.5" capacitive MTK6515 HTC Desire clone. And my video interview with the probable manufacturer of this $120 MTK6516 Hero H2000 smartphone.

Here are the specs for this cool $120 Android Powered iphone4-copy:

Hero H2000
MTK6516 ARM9 460Mhz + 250Mhz DSP
Android 2.2 Froyo
2GB Flash storage, MicroSD expansion
3.5" HVGA Capacitive touch screen
GSM/GPRS/EDGE Dual-SIM card slots (no 3G)
WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm stereo heaphones, 2 Megapixel back-facing, 0.3Megapixel front-facing cameras

I bought one of my H2000 from Sinoteck for $149 (969 renminbi) at a partner of (they were exhibitor at the Shenzhen Electronics Fair) and the other I bought for $131 (850 renminbi) on the Shenzhen electronics market, then finding it being sold for $120 (780 renminbi) the day after.

  • What’s that web-based benchmark Chippy always runs? Can’t recall it’s name, but try that. Also try Aldiko eBook reader. Can you use that as a phone in Europe by popping in a SIM? Wonder if that would work here in the US? T-Mobile is GSM?

  • As before I would like to see how browser work on this devices. If You could open website: (its heavy graphics so this will be a good test of power). Also, some 3d game will be a good benchmark. And of course sample pictures from camera;)

  • Guest

    Can you test if it’s possible to install Flash plugin for the browser, because so far i haven’t managed to do it on any МТК chipset phone and i find it the only major letdown of the platform

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  • Septimus Malach

    Thank you Charbax for you hard work.
    Could you open a google spreadsheet with the different processor and references that you see in China, so we can track the progress on the chips’ evolution. If you open it we all can contribute and constantly improve it.

    Thanks again.

    Septimus Malach

  • Guest

    You can buy all these phones on eBay right now, I just picked up the FG8 =o).

  • What is a good website that I can buy this for a relatively cheap price? I only want to buy one. By the way, is the OS upgradable?

  • mo

    Hello, does it support SKYPE?

  • Tss_kotak

    how can it work in india is there any software

  • Herman

    I bought one of these in Nov 2011 for $150AUD and then in Feb 2012 it died while playing a song on an iPod dock. It was very good but now is completely dead. Lasted less than 3 months use. I can tell you the analog TV does work in Australia and you can’t instal flash in the browser.

  • Wayne Fox22

    This Device Doesn’t work on Verizon

  • srinivas

    need it in india bangalore