Moonse AmLogic Cortex-A9 irobot tablet

Posted by Charbax – April 9, 2011 is showing this 7" AmLogic 800mhz ARM Cortex-A9 based tablet. Showing some of its impressive Mali-400 graphics capabilities on a HDTV, basically it's like having a PS3 console in your pocket. They are also making 8" 4:3 and 10.1" 16:9 versions as well.

  • that’s pretty impressive for a dual A9 at 800mhz rather than 1.2 GHz..

    i see many of the rep’s still dont know how to take your Charbax free style to fill in the blanks LOL, and it looks like one of them took your picture too, is Charbax armdevices video’s becoming even more popular

  • That´s the Tablet? How much cost the 8 Zoll and 10.1 Version with capacitive screen?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, guess its the one he mentioned before – at least it seems like 🙂

    More information/specs about it (+ order options with the minimum of 5) could be found here:

    If we get 2-3 other people who are interested in it from europe, we can probably get them for a fair price 🙂
    (~ or Charbax is willing to play the middleman and bring a few of them back ^_^)

    It’s great to see that the upcoming chinese products will still be competitive with the western ones, improving the build quality and equipment ^_^


    By the way: is the AmLogic really a A9 DualCore ? The overview here ( ) mention it as a single core, still with good rates, but not with capability of “real” multi-tasking 😀

  • I wait for an answer from Charbax. He has said he has bought a Cortex A9 Dual Core Tablet for 100 USD. I dont know which one this is but he will say us it. A Cortex A9 Single Core is fast enough.
    But for the first we wait for a answer 😉
    And i want a 10.1 Zoll Tablet with capacitive Screen

  • Popo

    A PS3 in your pocket : come on ! It is not even on a Wii -level

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  • Aleksandra D

    Hello!!! I need help!!!
     I bought (in Poland)  the Tablet Gardex
    GX-I7006 with processor Amlogic A9 Cortex 1Gh (with Andorid 2.2) few
    month ago, as a present for my sister, and give it to her few months
    later (she lives in another country -Ecuador) . I didn’t really use it,
    just checked if it worked properly. Then when my sister got it (4 months
    after i both it) she used it just one week and something happened with
    it. Now it  doesn’t work properly.  After pressing the on button the
    android doesn’t initiate it just stays on the initial tablet logo. It
    seems that the system is deleted, my computer doesnt recognize the
    tablet anymore and i have no idea what to do, some friends – ingeneers
    in informatic told me that is a generic problem and the solution would
    be to get the original Android version for this tablet, could you send
    it to me please!!! I desperatebe cause the tablet is in Ecuador, thye
    polish internet shop doesnt exist anymore and i have no idea to who else
    write to solve the problem. Also when i both the tablet it said it had
    12 month guarantee, but i dont know how to use it if the polish internet
    shop doesnt exist anymore.

    it would be very king of you in helping me and my poor little sister.
    Regards Aleksandra D.