Toradex shows Tegra2 computer on SO-DIMM form factor

Posted by Charbax – March 4, 2011

This may be the most compact Tegra2 fully featured box PC computer thus far. They use 256MB RAM DDR2, 1GB flash storage for 99 euros, they'll also do a slightly higher end version with 512MB RAM and 4GB flash storage version soon. The cheapest board and box could be made for less than 50 euros more. Thus the idea is a sub-150 euro Tegra2 box PC all included and it being slightly larger than a box of playing cards, just big enough to accomodate the connectors.

  • Charbax, you sound surprised at finding the SO-DIMM form factor PC , fun isn’t it 😀

    the potential is huge OC , it does have its problems needing a daughter board to bring out the
    ports and supply the power, and most of all getting several talking together at top speed in a multi SO-DIMM slot’s SOC configuration for things like a super micro low power web server etc but time will tell if we get to see these SO-DIMM form factor PC in the mass consumer desktop markets.

  • Brandy

    Well… the SO-DIMM SOM approach does make sense for applications where developers want to build a device with additional functionality. I think such an upgrade path is pretty cool without the need of redesigning the enclosure and IO-board with its custom circuit when next generation of quad core CPUs are out. Those modules are mainly targeted at embedded applications and not consumer market.

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  • So competition for the Trimslice? Probably so, but the Trimslice is priced just a tad above and it doubles the available RAM. But still this just goes to show how ARM is progressing. These ‘box pc/s’ use <6 watts and are also quite capable whether it's browsing, encoding/decoding 1080p etc. so they can be employed in cars, offices, bedrooms, wherever you need productivity, or want entertainment

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  • pip010

    I need ARM board (for dev) having sodim slots available, at leat 1 🙂
    so I can put my own DDR ram.