Texas Instruments DaVinci DM816x and DM814x, does 4K2K video playback

Posted by Charbax – March 3, 2011

Playsback 3x1080p@60fps, for use in set-top-boxes, could be in Google TV boxes (imagine this powering 4K2K Google TV), it costs around $100. Video security, video conferencing, video signage, thin clients, products online monitoring, portable medical devices with strong imaging.

  • Imbrondir

    Really cool stuff. Is the video player running distributed 4k decoding available for download anywhere? I mean ffmpeg can’t do this out of the box, can it?

  • sure it can, the encoders and decoders dont care about the size of the video stream, 8bit 2k/4k H.264 play back is fine with FFmpeg given a powerful enough CPU to SW decode is fine AFAIK today , and 10bit decoding is coming, only the native display device you connect cares about the size and will scale it to fit if it cant do 2k/4k/5k natively.

    the HW assisted decoders as found in your PC might have a problem though 😀

  • Imbrondir

    Ah yes. I was refering to how they split, synchronize and play a 4k distributed to several ARM SOCs. I can do this with vanilla ffmpeg?

  • ooh right, im not sure how or if they even take the 4k here and split it real-time or just overlay another video stream there.

    but the distributed/synchronize part,

    i assume your referring to the
    mega display wall, combining several displays

    sure, see and ask them how they split the sections to fit here,
    turn your volume down the FOSDEM 2010 is noisy LOL

    mans gives a link to the Video player for OMAP framebuffer code there

  • Imbrondir

    I guess I should stop having so many browser tabs open. I managed to comment on the wrong video. Thanks for the help TechU 🙂

  • LOL we all have to many pages open, but dont worry about it, glad to help and hopefully the links opens the vendors eyes reading to the benefit’s of contributing patches to the OSS ffmpeg/x264 code bases far more for everyone’s benefit’s

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