Beagleboard xM 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A8, 6 Ångström Linux desktops synchronized

Posted by Charbax – March 3, 2011

This is how one can create a mega display wall, combining several displays. The mouse is synchronized accross 6 ARM Powered ubuntu desktops through synergy, and a ffmpeg synchronization app makes it possible to combine them into a video wall.

  • Guest

    Sorry I have to comment on this post, but comments for the Trimslice post seem to be disabled.
    First of all thanks for the videos. But what Trimslice does there, really is a shame. They said just a few weeks ago they would release that device in April, with the new release date, the thing is dead on arrival. In August we have quad core Tegra if IIRC and NuFront is possibly right around the corner… But hey, what else is new, fairly nice ARM devices that just won’t ship…?

  • Koen

    That’s not ubuntu, but Ångström running on there.

  • av500

    but it’s not UBUNTU!

  • he said omapfbplay, find that here;a=summary

  • av500 & Koen, company rep’s make these mistakes all the time with charbax’s style of video blog, sometimes letting out info by mistake, sometimes getting it wrong as was the case with this and the berlin chipset comment elsewhere on the blog

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