Android sells 2x faster than the iPhone worldwide , even more than Symbian in Q4 2010

Posted by Charbax – January 31, 2011

Market research firm Canalys released this global smart phone market data analysis for Q4 2010, October-December 2010, revealing that over 100 million smart phones have been sold worldwide in those 3 months in which Android is the new leader in worldwide smart phone sales, even in front of Symbian sales and selling more than double as many as the iPhone.

I don't think the Verizon iPhone is going to change anything, on the contrary, now AT&T will focus selling more Android phones than Verizon is to sell iPhones. AT&T plans to launch at least 12 Android phones this year and Google is looking forward to enable the release of cheaper Android phones, as Eric Schmidt recently said:

we want to increase the availability of inexpensive smartphones in the poorest parts of the world. We envision literally a billion people getting inexpensive, browser-based touchscreen phones over the next few years. Can you imagine how this will change their awareness of local and global information and their notion of education? And that will be just the start.

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  • Anonymous

    You’re comparing a hundreds of phones among several dozen manufacturers against one company and one model. Of course, Android, as a whole will sell more phones than one device. (2 if you count the 3GS).
    Now, make the same comparison:
    How many iPhone sold against EVO 4G
    How many iPhone sold against HTC Droid Incredibles
    How many iPhone sold against Galaxy S
    How many iPhone sold against a Nokia N900

  • What matters to anyone is platform adoption. Android is by far the most popular and by far the fastest selling platform because it is free and open source and used by more and more manufacturers, that is exactly its core strength. Apple decided to go with their own proprietary closed system, and that’s why it is arguable that they are on a loosing business model with slowing sales in perspective.

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