OLPC XO-1.75, ARM Powered OLPC XO Laptop is faster than x86!

Posted by Charbax – January 9, 2011

OLPC CTO Edward J. McNierney gives us an overview of the ARM Marvell Armada 610 version of OLPC XO Laptop, XO 1.75, to be released soon, being optimized now in Taiwan, it provides for a sub 2 Watt One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop. One Laptop Per Child created the Netbook market, now they will push the PC/Laptop industry towards ARM support for lower power consumption and lower prices through increased industry competition and optimized SoC designs. The $100 Laptop is nearer. Marvell's 610 is now one of the ARM SoC platforms that is now powerful enough to power a full desktop/laptop system.

OLPC XO-1.75 One Laptop Per Child ARM Powered Laptop OLPC XO ARM Laptop

  • great video. thanks for filming that.

  • Anonymous

    Seems great – after their announcement of switching from x86 to ARM it good to see that it will actually get the Armada 610. Hopefully the engineers & developers will still focus the OLPC laptop instead of the OX Tablet. Evene though tablet-PCs are a new trend, I guess a real keyboard and more space for battery etc. would be mandatory for most countries. Beside since the 1.75 will get a TouchScreen + the screen is convertible, there isn’t really a good reason for a pure tablet anymore (~ just cheaper price for removing this components which are still industrial standards and therefore probably quite cheap) 🙂

  • No touch.

  • I honestly feel it’s hight time pc makers begin to deliver excellent and useful designs like this to the masses. Many people will buy a hard-wearing laptop with an e-ink screen that can be hand-cranked but on the other hand, they don’t make em like they used to. pc manufactures are now making non-durable rubbish that will ensure you come back in a short time to buy another product.

    Well done OLPC

  • Jordi Verdugo

    Very very interesting video!

  • benoitb

    Thanks, best video of the CES.
    I’d like to get this device for my bicycle trips. Being able to charge it with a dynamo is great, and it seems well built and durable.

  • Great video Charbax. I want that charger!

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  • lorde

    Very good news, and surely i want to see the 100$ at least 10 inch devices selling…
    Linux is good for childrens!!!
    So go ahead with this project!!!

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  • In my memories, ARM parallel processors (vs complex Intel procs) had powered UK Acorn computers since the middle of 90’s. Very fast Forth language based OS were very promising then. My only doubt, before I wikimedia about ARM :), is whether I’m talking about the same proc. If I was right, ARM processors because of their relatively simple design could reduce significantly power consumption.

  • honest critique

    You need to work on doing better interviews. Often you don’t know what you’re talking about and you have a tendency to interrupt Edward McNierne. On top of that, there were numerous cases when you bothered Mr. McNierne to the point of anger – not something you want to do.

  • Bill

    Will it run Starcraft 2 or just pong?

  • Surak

    Wow the interviewer is really bad

  • Modern ARM Powered laptops do tens of millions of triangles per second, can run Unreal Engine, near as powerful as PS3.

  • Cookea

    Interviewer isn’t very professional, needs to dial down the intensity a little bit, respect what the interviewees body language is saying (clearly wanted your hands off the mobo), and not push the interviewers agenda (Android: get off’n it) onto the interviewee.

  • James Worthington

    Yeah, I didn’t like the interviewer actually. He didn’t do a very good job IMHO. For his question asking ability? I’d give him a B, for his listening skills? D. Overall, I would give him a C. The person that he was interviewing? I’d give him an A for patience, A for technical ability and A overall.

  • C3332959

    The interviewer is not very professional. This was really annoying: “Android. Android. Android! ANDROIDD!!!!111!”

  • Tim

    You are talking about the same tech. Arm chips were found in the Archimedes computer. These were very powerful (for the time) 32 bit RISC computers with a wonderful interface (RISC OS; that’s where Apple and MS got the taskbar from) that was a contemporary of the Amiga and ST. Unfortunately, it was more expensive that the ST or Amiga and sold mostly to schools who didn’t really appreciate what they were getting.
    My dad, a teacher, brought one home and I spent the summer of 1990 coding my first 3D apps on it. I now work as a games programmer, thanks to that computer. I was sad to see their slow decline but the ARM chip has risen like a phoenix and now I’m coding for it again on my mobile phone.

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  • $100 laptop is great! I will get one for my child.