Microsoft shows full Windows for ARM Powered devices

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

Check this out. This is the full Windows on ARM platforms developed by Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia. Microsoft demonstrates a recompiled version of Microsoft Office for ARM, some other apps, talks about how it will support all the apps on ARM, this is awesome.

  • Very interesting indeed. The giant is certainly not sleeping. Microsoft is adapting quickly to a changing market and It does look like they are ready to unyoke themselves from x86 processors. I view this with mixed feelings, cos I really want opensource OSes like ubuntu to take off properly for ARM architectures and hope microsoft windows repackaging for ARM won’t hinder that further.

  • markc

    This is a disaster for linux 🙁

  • Warrenbzf

    x86 apps won’t work out-of-the-box on ARM computers like it did on the Intel Atom computer. I don’t think it’s as easy as simply recompiling it, but at least you don’t have to rewrite everything.

    If I were there I would cheered when they started demonstrating the Windows base OS working on the ARM computer. That’s pretty cool. They did that with Alpha CPU’s on NT 4.0, which is Windows 7’s biological great grandfather. Still pretty cool, and exciting.

    I’m still partial to Android myself. Microsoft and Apple have a vested interest in keeping the status quo as much as they possibly can. So I’m betting Google Android will be the way to go, because they don’t have any legacy IBM type culture yet.

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