Historic day for ARM

Posted by – January 6, 2011
Category: CES

Thank you Motorola. Thanks Microsoft. Today is a very fun day for ARM fans at CES.

I am still trying to calm down after the insanely awesome demonstration of full screen HD firefox multi-tab web browsing on Android in the fantastic Motorola Atrix 4G, HD Docking, 3 USB hosts, Laptop Dock, wow.

Microsoft is showing real Windows 7/8 UIs on the ARM solutions of Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia.

LG makes an ARM Powered Smart TV to compete with Google TV and Apple TV.

I have video of honeycomb.

I’ve seen the Acer tablet in the halls, heard fun things about the Asus Tablet, Samsung shows an interesting Super Amoled Plus 4.5″ 1.2Ghz (Orion yet?) super phone.

Nvidia launches Project Denver ARM Platform for whole range of devices from mobile computing up to super computing, stuns media.

All this and CES hasn’t even really started yet! Tomorrow is going to be an even much more busier day with 2500 booths opening up.

I have 6GB of videos of all these awesome ARM related announcements, devices and interviews in my camera, but Las Vegas seems to not have any Internet Bandwidth to let me upload these files. Same problem as last year. Treasure Island barely uploads 40kb/s on ethernet, Sahara hotel’s $15/night ethernet in the room is even lower speed basically stalls any attempt at uploading videos. Venetian hotel does not provide WiFi internet access and the US 3G/4G/LTE/WiMax Mifis or USB dongles are not providing enough bandwidth to upload videos. The blogger press room is the only chance to get the videos uploaed, so please check back tomorrow for these videos and many more.