Mark Shuttleworth loves the Toshiba AC100

Posted by Charbax – November 1, 2010

The CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, highlighted ARM Servers by Smooth-stone and Tegra2 Powered Toshiba AC100 at his keynote speech at the Ubuntu Developer Conference. He mentions the cool work done to port Ubuntu 10.10 to it: Hopefully Nvidia, Canonical people and the open source community will bring about full hardware acceleration for all aspects of Ubuntu 10.10 on this ARM Cortex-A9 laptop design.

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  • sola

    Pretty impressing, I hope Tegra2 becomes an official release target for Ubuntu (currently only OMAP and Freescale are).

    And these should be end-user releases, not only OEM releases, since the consumer usually gets these devices with Android and wants to put Ubuntu as a dual-boot option.

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  • Anonymous

    If this Toshiba AC100 notebook will support the Ubuntu 10.10 version than this is really awesome thing and I would really like to buy one smartbook for me. Because I love to use the Android 2.2 and also ubuntu on same smartbook with duel boot. Well Ubuntu will provide the perfect office and business support and Android will provide smartphone support.

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  • Me

    Mark loves this device because he miss personal experience with AC100 running Ubuntu. I heard that 512MB of RAM is not enough to run Ubuntu 11.10 and AC100 with Unity is seriously slow. I agree that the potential is here; add more memory and optimize Linux for CPU with low performance and this could be cool Linux device. I am looking forward for Ubuntu 12.04…

  • Andreas

    I am really pissed off. After buying the ac100 i was fck1ng a week to install and optimize the 10.10 ubuntu on it. the result is a unusable slow full working ubuntu with really great battery time, but i can do the same things on a cheap netbook more quick and with more success. guys, you should pay me back this money and time!