Archos 70 Internet Tablet Review

Posted by Charbax – October 16, 2010

First unboxing and review of the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, a $275 alternative to the $499 iPad and the $599 Samsung Galaxy Tab. I was amazed by how thin and light it is when I first took it out of the box, at 300 grams, it nearly feels like it's an empty case without any electronics inside.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet

The capacitive touch screen on an Archos tablet is cool, I need to get used to that. Hopefully I will learn to type on it as fast as I do with my finger-tips/nails on my resistive screens. My plan this winter is to carry this 7" Archos Android tablet with me everywhere in the inside of my jacket pocket. In this video, I try to show you multi-touch, web browsing speed, email, facebook, Google Maps Street View, Live wallpapers, video playback, HDMI output and more.

This review model is still running Android 2.1, while Archos is putting finishing touches to their faster and more optimized Android 2.2 firmware, hopefully to be ready in like days or so for when this device and its 101 big-brother actually ships worldwide. As I showed you in my previous video, Google Marketplace works on these Archos Android tablets using the gApps4Archos.apk one-click installation file. All codecs up to H264 high profile high bitrate 720p MKV works even on HDMI output (still to be tested and optimized in firmware). It's only 300 grams (vs 380 grams Galaxy Tab and 680 grams iPad).

Pictures available at Picasa:
Archos 70 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Sony PRS-650

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  • Gunyaak

    Is there youtube app?

  • Charbax

    Yes Youtube HQ works, that’s I think 480×360 or 480×272 version of Youtube at around 1mbit/s quality h264. For higher quality Youtube, such as 1280×720 2mbit/s h264, we have to wait for Flash support in the Android 2.2 firmware, which may come within days already or a couple weeks. Maybe also there exists a Youtube HD .apk app that could be thus used for streaming Youtube 720p already now. I’ll show this in my next video of this device.

  • Egzodus

    Very nice review, could You provide us with information about ram storage?

  • Charbax

    I think 256MB DDR3 RAM, it might be enough for Android 2.2 and above, which I think better optimize RAM usage for multi-tasking and multiple tabs in the web browser.

  • jazzrome

    My big question on these devices can you write on them I want an need a device that I can takes notes on and convert to an editable document. As well as use as an e reader.

  • Remple

    i just saw your question about being able to write on an Archos 70. I have been using this tablet for about 10 days now. It does not have installed WP software, but I, myself, bought the full Documents to Go for Android from Dataviz, and it works very well (offering Word, Excel and PowerPoint). I’m also planning to use this tablet with a foldable or rollable Bluetooth keyboard, something I can keep in my pocket. For e-reading, I much prefer my Kindle, although I could use this type of screen for an hour or two, if I had to. The e-reading program on the Archos is excellent; but it’s a little too bright for me. I spend so much time staring at a screen. My Kindle actually rests my eyes during prolonged reading. Hope this helps. Yrs truly, JEAN

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  • Milan M

    what battery life? (nonstop web surf or video)
    ok browser have pinch to zoom but what multitouch in games?

  • aftermath

    Does this device have a user replaceable battery, or is on the “planned obsolescence” path?

  • Charbax

    You can unscrew the back and change the battery if you want, but then you loose the warranty. They probably can provide battery exchange service for a price a couple years in the future if you still want to continue using it and that the battery capacity gets reduced after several hundred full cycles. User replacable can increase cost, complexity, weight and thickness of consumer electronics devices.

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  • Ben Kaldor-Bull

    Do you think the 8gb or the 250 hard drive is the way to go? I wonder if the the extra weight and the slightly slower HD will change the feel and performance. 8gb is a pretty small amount of storage for something that’s largely designed to consume content. Iam usually more interested in getting these devices and svelte as possible but for $25, 100grams heavier and slightly thicker will afford 250gb! At that level you could have your entire music collection on it and then some.

  • Lindarne

    well, a way to get the best of both worlds could be to get an 8 gig class 6+ sd card for pictures and other things you’d like to load quickly.
    they retail for around 30$ i think.
    and i’m definately getting the 250 gig model. considering the hdmi out it’s a no-brainer for me even though i have a 250 gig verbatim pocketdrive (though i guess you could go for the flash model instaid and have a pocket drive for your big media if needed).
    but besides it’s price, i really believe that archos’ big strength over other tablets is it’s media cababillities, and i thoroughly intend to push that to it’s limit. it’ll hold an awfull lot of 720p divx and mp3 and connects so easily to your tv and audio system… totaly worth it.
    i just hope the battery can keep up. if not, remember to keep your usb battery charged and with you :p

  • Ben Kaldor-Bull

    Yes, I think that is the tough decision to be made. It could pretty much serve as your multi media go to device if thats what you were looking for. For me its 70% about surfing the web on a device like this. A coffee table device, so I think the lighter the better. I just wish they offered up a 16-32gb sd version so that I could still store a little content.

    It is too bad they couldnt swing the standard sized sd card here. It would have offered many more faster/cheaper options. I have a 16gb class 6 just sitting in a draw right now.

  • Lindarne

    if you need it as you describe then i think the flash version is fine for you.
    and youn can ad both a cheep 8 gig microsd or an afordable 16 gig if you feel the need.
    remember it’ll also take any usbkey or drive. one of it’s strengths is that it doesn’t rely on only a single multiport or proprietary connectors, but has microusb for charging and computer interaction, full usb for connecting to externals, microsd card port, and hdmi.
    unlike some others, it offers a lot of flexibillity.
    i can only speak for my own preferences as to which i like the best, but in truth any of them seems like really good value.
    since the card port is external you could even use a 6$ sd to microsd converter ( and just stick your full size sd to the back of the device. not as elegant, but you’d get the benefits of the speed and capacity of full sd.

  • Charbax

    It’s up to you, 300gr vs 400gr, the HDD version is thicker and costs $75 more.

    There are 32GB MicroSD cards for a bunch of money.

    In theory, and in practice, you can stream from terrabytes of content that you can host on your local network as samba or upnp shares. You can also in theory and practice stream that remotely over the Internet when you are not at home.

  • Lindarne

    just don’t forget that the current 32 gig microsd’s are only class2 :-/
    a class 4 is on the way, but even that is not that fast.
    my verbatim pocket drive transfers at 3mb/sec if i remember correctly.
    if you want speed only the smaller sd’s can really satisfy.
    would have been gravy if it could take full sized sd’s. those are truely fast.

  • Ben Kaldor-Bull

    “You can also in theory and practice stream that remotely over the Internet when you are not at home. ” Good point also. Still 8gb is bare bones…just enough for the OS and apps!

  • Lindarne

    a closer look at online pictures makes me think the 70 has full sized sd card port.
    can anyone please confirm this?

  • Charbax

    It’s a MicroSD card slot. What you saw is probably the volume up/down buttons.

  • Lindarne

    ok thank you.
    i got my hopes up for a second :-)

  • Tom

    Does it support Microsoft Plays for Sure content (Protected WMV videos)?

  • Qiyonghua
  • Lindarne

    the ’70 was suposed to be released in denmark today, but seems to have been delayed ’till early december :-(
    has anyone heard anything official?
    i reeeeeeealy want to buy it as soon as posible.

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  • Faredde

    does the archos 70 have word processor

  • Remple

    TO CHARBAX: Thank you for your excellent video review of the Archos 70. I have been using my Archos 70 Tablet for about 10 days now, and am very happy with it, and recommend it highly. It’s more than just a poor man’s i-Pad. Although the i-Pad is great, The 70 does things that the i-Pad can’t do and it slips nicely into a sports coat vest pocket. And also, don’t forget, it can be “tethered” to a smart phone via Bluetooth or USB. Two questions: I would like to know how to install Android Market on my Archos. Can you advise me? Also, where can one find the Myfi device in Paris? Merci, JEAN

    TO FAREDDE: The Archos 70 does not have a word processing program installed, but I downloaded the full version of Documents To Go, and it works like a charm (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). I am going to be using it with a foldable or rollable Bluetooth keyboard, since I’m a 10-finger touch typist and not a thumb typist. Basically, I’m now a self-contained, mobile office and media center, unencumbered by a briefcase or tote bag. It feels great to be free. j

  • Sivapuramp

    hi, i too had same problem.hope u got solved.if so please help me.
    i bought y day and not able to get any applications on clicking the appslib.after some time, it says to close it forcely.
    also i have downloaded latest version of ‘docs to go’ but still i am not able to open or view my office documents and excels
    prasad sivapuram

  • Bpmoore999

    download arctools off appslib and open it then install the 2.2.7 version then you will have android market

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  • Richard Garrett

    Does anyone know if it has a GPS chip?

  • Johnathandancer

    Can an archos 70 have an external optical drive to play dvds?

  • Zed

    Have you tried or do you happen to know if you can install Skype on the Archos 70

  • Akram85s

     yes i’ve installed it on mine and its working perfect

  • Claire

    I am thinking of buing this incredible-from what I’ve seen- device, and I am trying to find out whether or not it can be used with mobile internet. I ‘ve watched every video there is to watch but nobody really talks about this so I suppose it can’t…. Does anybody know?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Jlaubin

    the 2.2 android update was posted by archos 11/30..the old market apks apk will no longer work, however a new one was posted today on archos fan forum..2.2 is running fine no problems. im using 16mb class 6 cards 1 for movies and 1 for books and games.I get movies in ipad format from

  • future Archos user

    Hello everybody. I have been reading and watching videos about Archos products (43, 70 and 101) for some time now and I’m specially interested in A70. The stuff i would do with it are:

    1. surfing the web

    2. internet communication(email, Facebook, Skype, chat’s, … and stuff like that) when not at desktop computer and where i can get WiFi signal

    3. taking notes and some word processing

    4. using it to show interested people my photo work (this is very important to me)

    5. listening to music and watching films when i really don’t know what else to do with it or when on the road to make time go faster :)

    6. games…hmmm…well probably the same as music and films :)

    My question’s for all you Archos fans and users are:

    1. Which model would you pick for that list of stuff i would like to use it…A70 8GB or A70 250GB or maybe A101?

    2. If i pick A70 8GB will it be able to connect to my LaCie Rikiki 640GB when i need more storage space?

    3. Is bluetooth file transfer possible between A70 and Nokia smartphones symbian (E61, E72, N8, E7), maemo (N900) or future MeGo devices?

    I probably have some more questions but for now this will be enough :)
    Applications for device are not big issue for me…if the stock apps do the job i won’t need some new and even if i do i would use A70 as a work and internet tool not as a toy so i would need some useful and functional apps and not hundreds of colorful apps but without real use and value.

    Have fun and respond fast :)

  • Charbax

    Find help in my:

  • Becky

    I got the new Archos 70 internet tablet 2.2…It is very complicated…the applibs icon is on the screen but it does not download the games etc…youtube doesn’t play on it…it said there is a firmware update so I updated that…still can’t get any of them to work…very disappointed…your video makes it look so simple but it’s not

  • Charbax

    Find help on it’s not easy to have the best.

  • G.D.L.

    you should go to Settings/Repair & Formatting/”Reset Android” (the option that doesn’t delete your PERSONAL FILES. After the device reboots, try to connect to the internet and open AppsLib. It should do the trick.

    Source: some video tutorial at Youtube.


  • Beccag34

    I have the archos 70. I bought an 8gb micro sd card and inserted but it looks as if nothing is being saved to it when I download music,pics, etc. I have looked to see if there was something i need to set in the settings for everything to atomatically save to the sd but see nothing. Can someone please help???

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  • MyWonderApple

    Would you recommend buying this or the Archos 101?

  • Floresavid50

    yes, put Skype on my Archos 70..Works great

  • Born_free2000

    how u did it?

  • Born_free2000

    how u did it?

  • Eddy Vanderheyden

    how do i put skype on my archos 70?

  • Akram85s

    i’ve this 3 months ago
    it’s a rwally great device i’m very satisfied with it
    to install apps to it you have to
    install archtools from appslib then launch archtools and choose ‘install market’
    here u’ll get the market installed you have to login using your gmail account
    then enjoy most of market’s infinite apps

  • Tom Waller

    just got my one, the 260 GB internal 2.5 inch hard drive version and after using the Archos 5 which really struggled to do anything in real time, the power of the ARM chip is very, very clear.  It is very responsive, sound quality is good enough to listen to for extended periods and the screen is just amazing.   The Camera and recorder work well but I did have problems with the sound and had to do a codec update.   I have not got a Mini HDMI Lead but will have soon and then we will see how this baby can fly.

    I remember back in the late 1980s how the ARM 200 MHZ CPU helped the now defunct Acorn Risc PC fly and this is proof if any was needed that the days of Cisc are well and truly endangered.

  • Karel Laoh

    Great tablet…nice review

  • consultingforme

    Overall, I am happy with my Archos 70. I had to work out a few bugs when I first got it. The 250GB hard drive wasn’t showing in the OS. I did a hard reset/system restore and it seemed to fix the issue permanently.

  • pdf to excel converter


    Archos 70 Internet Tablet is really stylish guys I was looking for this type of tablet. 


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  • pdf to xls converter


    the Archos 70 Internet Tablet is really so stylish guys and I liked it all features. I want to buy a tablet for using on  
    internet and I think, Its perfect for me. 

    Thanks for its review guys. 

  • Anonymous

    this tablet looks really cool and i also want to have a try.

  • Bpmoore999

    how do u get micro sd card to work in the archos 70 onternet tablet?????
    thanks for your help!!!!!!!! really apreciated

  • matt martin


  • matt martin


  • Pattychiz

    what is prove your not a robot

  • Felixia

    I have one but. It. Frezee. I don know what i am. Ganna do with it. Some can help

  • Charbax