IDTI $300 21,5″ 1080p Touch Screen

Posted by Charbax – March 17, 2010

IDTI, which I filmed their early prototypes at last year's Computex, is now showing this finalized implementation of their technology in this touch screen product which is a 21,5" 1080p screen that integrates their specific stylus based touch screen technology. IDTI's touch screen technology claims to provide same visibility as capacitive screens but for a price closer to resistive screens, though it only works using their stylus.

  • Can't believe it would only be $300…. A real winner.

  • Smoerk

    it's a monitor, not a computer

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  • Ah ok, I'll update the post if that is confirmed..

  • There is similar monitor on special next week. At Aldi UK. I wonder how good those pens are, maybe don’t have pressure sensitivity for Photoshop. However can you imagine having a display like that to work on.
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  • aludal

    $300?? it's unbelievable! Even without pressure sensitive responce, it's a mighty graphics tool. I'm almost dying to see what this stylus can do in Photoshop. Wacom Cintiq won't get my $2K, period.
    To Mr. Charbax: is there any possibility for you to play with this wonderful toy any longer? especially in some Paintshop-like app, like Paint.NET (or whatever Windows 7 has as a standard graphics app)? (ah, nevermind, have found some demos in Chinese — awesome)

    And they bundle TWO styli for this ($300) price? Un-freaking-believable! I only wish the laser spots of these two styli might be collimated (focused) differently, so one can have, say, brush and pencil switching momentarily, or even use them in the same time in multitouch mode.

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  • Great Technology – it's these small things that you incorporate into your lifestyle that make all the difference.

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  • Looks great, shame about the price tag. We in the uk will prob get taxed like hell on a product like that.

  • Looks great, shame about the price tag. We in the uk will prob get taxed like hell on a product like that.

  • I think I will just stick to my ipad for now, it seems better value for money.

  • It’s really cool!