Flash 10.1 on all devices at Mobile World Congress 2010

Posted by Charbax – February 15, 2010

Flash product manager Richard Galvan explains the whole status of Flash 10.1 support on all devices, on Android, hardware acceleration, software optimizations, interoperability, backwards compatibility. The next version of Flash authorting software enables Flash application developers to output their apps not only in any version of Flash, also in one-click to Adobe Air 2 and even to the iPhone application format to upload directly to the itunes app store.

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  • brianpeiris

    Thanks for the coverage so far Charbax, all great as usual. Unless I'm mistaken, Notion Ink is also attending. Please try and find them while you're there. I for one would also be very interested if any other devices at MWC sport a Pixel Qi screen!

  • I couldn't find Notion Ink at Mobile World Congress, I only saw the mockup at the Nvidia booth which I briefly filmed at http://armdevices.net/2010/02/15/flash-support-… which demonstrates full 720p Flash video playback and awesome Unreal Tournament gaming on the same Tegra2 platform as the one coming in the Notion Ink tablet.

  • brianpeiris

    Yeah it's unfortunate they didn't show up with an update but I appreciate your reply Charbax, I can't wait to get Tegra2 in my hands. Thanks again for the awesome videos.