Sponsoring of my remote video chat interview work

I have over 85 Million views on my 6200+ tech videos published at http://youtube.com/charbax since 2004 covering all the most important technology trends in the industry. Filming at hundreds of tech trade shows (over 32 different ones yearly/bi-yearly) around the world, which you can see categorized under “Tradeshows” on my website ARMdevices.net most of my videos rank very high in Google and YouTube search.

As all trade shows are cancelled, postponed, virtual only or attempting at doing hybrid, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with each tech company and to film an extensive and engaging remote video chat interview with each of them. My remote video chat interviews are a great way for each tech company to talk about their latest work. Of great value as a supplement to the virtual or hybrid trade show exhibit.

Your company can sponsor my work at this price:

$200 per video interview, minimum of 10


We can negotiate bulk discounts, it depends how many video interviews you would like to sponsor. If you are interested, to talk details, to get the invoice to pay me by bank transfer, please contact me at charbax@charbax.com

or call me on Whatsapp +14159449380

I want to film the best possible coverage of all the tech companies that would have exhibited at trade shows in 2021, all interviews simply can be scheduled into my calendar at http://calendly.com/charbax

As a sponsor, I could film several videos with each of your different teams and departments, you may connect me to interview your partner companies, customers, licensees, refer me to your contacts, friends, tech insiders, startups or analysts who you think I should interview and I would be happy to interview each of them in priority as part of your sponsored package too.

As the first sponsor of my coverage of the exhibitors of an event, I give you the priority to sponsor my coverage of the whole event, at that rate of $200 per video. And as a sponsor, the videos you may ask me to film would be done in priority. I can be filming and publishing several videos in one day, it all depends how many of them can be scheduled into my calendar, and how much time I may need to prepare (research, queueing up content, talking details and coordinating with the interviewees before going live) for each video.

As a sponsor to the content, your video will be displayed as a YouTube End Screen that links all the viewers of your sponsored videos to your video. It can also link to a playlist that I might have of videos filmed with your company, if I have previously filmed with your company or if we can plan to film several videos with your company in the future.

See an example of what that looks like at the end of all my ISE 2020 videos such as 31 minutes 20 seconds into this video:

You may also provide with a transparent sponsorship graphic (PNG file) which can display a “Sponsored by” and your company logo in the top right corner throughout all the videos that your company has sponsored. It may display a more specific “TradeshowName video coverage sponsored by” and your company logo (if there is enough space to put all that legibly in this top right logo overlay). We can discuss more in details about how that transparent sponsored by message could be displayed in the top right corner throughout the whole coverage. Here’s what your transparent PNG top right corner sponsor message might look like:

The audience on my YouTube channel includes many industry insiders, investors, tech company executives, media, technology enthusiasts, consumers, and more. My videos usually rank high in Google and YouTube search and we can spread your video using social media to reach a nice amount of audience. Usually in the thousands of views in the days, weeks and months following the publishing of the video.

As a sponsor, we can also talk about strategies to boost the views on your content, starting at around $500 per 10’000 extra views, using YouTube advertising. If your video content is hard to advertise for, or if those extra views must be targeted to specific regions or audiences the view count per dollar may be lower. Contact me at charbax@charbax.com for more details of the Google/YouTube advertising strategies we could implement to further promote your content.