Shenzhen Sourcing Service

The Sourcing Service package provides you with this:

– You get 1-hour of our time minimum, it can be over emails, video-chat or in person in Shenzhen or at any of the conferences that I attend at during the year for a 1-hour discussion about your business ideas by a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

– If you come to Shenzhen to visit factory/ies, we can advise you where to go, translate for you and help you get appointments with the CEOs of the different factories that you may be considering. We can also provide advice for hotel and transportation to come to Shenzhen and to move around in Shenzhen, but please consider the extent of our help can be for 1-hour of time.

– It is not guaranteed that we can find you what you need.

– We cannot guarantee instant unlimited support over emails.

– You cannot get a refund if you are not satisfied with our sourcing service.

Pay the $500 one-time fee to start your Shenzhen Sourcing Service:

Once you have paid the $500 sourcing package fee, you will be contacted, or you can contact me at to tell me what you need. Once you have paid the sourcing fee, you can just go ahead and email your questions to me at and we will do our best to help you.