Posting Guidelines

Thanks for your help to publish videos faster on!

Here are some guidelines for how to write the texts, thanks to follow as good as you can:

– Title as short as possible mentioning the crucial things about the video
– Especially the first 5-6 words are most important in the title, they show up in the YouTube search and related videos

– Not to say Charbax did or Charbax filmed, but CompanyName is doing in present tense. Not in past tense.

– Not to mention where and when the video was filmed. Some videos may be filmed months ago, best if viewer don’t wonder why it took so long to publish. Though always try to select correct conference category.

– Always include CPU name like RK3288 in title but not Rockchip RK3288 (people know RK3288 is Rockchip) but you can include Rockchip RK3288 in the description

– Always write these things like that in the description:
Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 with Mali-T764 GPU
ARM Cortex-A72

– Try to choose all the correct categories including always choose Exclusive Videos
– Always try to choose correct Chip maker and correct OS and correct Tradeshow category
– Only choose other categories if those are the main topic of the video, for example a video about Smartphone choose Smartphone and don’t also choose Sensor. Only choose Sensor if video is mainly talking about a Sensor.
– ARM Category only when interview with ARM company.
– If no correct category, choose Other category.

If any questions, and would be good for your learning, each post send the title/text to and I will respond if I make any changes, from that you can learn and maybe improve for the next text.