Factory Filming

If you are a Shenzhen based consumer electronics factory, you can signup for $500 to have me come to visit your factory, and/or your Shenzhen R&D/design house headquarters, to film up to 5 videos of each of your main newest product categories, and to post those videos on and on (27+ million views).

I have thus far filmed in approximately 40 Shenzhen factories at with millions of views, they are basically the worlds best videos filmed in current Shenzhen factories, showing the best of what is currently being made out of Chinese tech factories. Add your factory to this category for only USD$500!

If your company buys a 1-year advertisement on every page of starting at $3000, that includes at least 3 factory/PCB Design visits also.

Contact me at for payment details, or send USD$500 to my paypal account: to get things started.

If there are more advertisers and more factories paying me to film, I can visit Shenzhen as often as possible.