Early Access YouTube Paid $50/month Channel

Videos are published every 8 hours to the main Channel at

As more than 100 videos are filmed during one week of busy conferences, that means hundreds of videos are queued for later publishing.

If you want to get instant access to all the videos as soon as they are uploaded (and sometimes before they even get their final titles and descriptions), you will be able to subscribe to the Early Access YouTube Channel for $50 per month (14-day free trial is available).

Early Access subscribers also get this:

– Can ask me to remove a video from public release for $500 per video (for example if you see me film a supplier that you would like to be the exclusive distributor for)

– You can get my direct support for at least 5 minutes per month by sending me any messages you want through YouTube messaging.

– You can ask to be invited to the monthly 1-hour Hangout on which you can ask anything you want if you get to join that hangout.