MeLE Cloud based Digital Signage HDMI Dongle

Posted by Gennie – December 26, 2015

MeLE shows the digital signage HDMI dongle, runs Android 4.4, comes with USB2.0 stand host, 2*USB OTG for power and data, Micro SD card slot, Megabit Lan, with external WiFi antenna, HDMI1.4 output, support H.265 1080P decoding and output. It support both local playback or control via cloud. You can check the MeLE Cloud based 4K Digital Signage Box with PIP and Digital Signage with Narrow 28’’ LCD here:

You can contact MeLE here:
Mason Tong, Sales Director
Mobile: +86-132 6816 6362
Isaac Long, Sales Manager, Brand Developement for oversea market
Mobile: +86 186 7551 2024
Skype: isaac_520320
Leo Owyang, Account Manager, OEM & ODM brand for oversea market
Mobile: +86 159 8952 0320
Skype: leo4176

  • tarcreekfilm

    Do you know if this works for all of the different companies who produce digital signage? We are working with Four Winds Interactive ( and curious to know if this is compatible with our projects. Thanks.

  • Under the video we put the contact info of Mele you can contact them directly and ask. Thanks for watching!

  • tarcreekfilm

    Roger that. Thanks for responding so quickly. Cheers.